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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2008, 06:25 PM
Number of posts: 1,150

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Hasn't everyone murdered innocent children in the dark of night and buried them in the woods?

Hasn't everyone sent unmarked envelopes containing white powder to government officials?

Hasn't everyone left armed pipe bombs outside businesses they hate?

Hasn't everyone snorted Idaho's annual GDP worth of coke backstage before political speeches?

Just wondering. Maybe it's just me.

In this case, the x is the unknown. It could by y or z or a or gamma or a box.

I remember doing worksheets in 2nd grade where we had to write the answer inside a big open box of triangle or circle.

[BOX] + 7 = 12

3 * [CIRCLE] = 18

(where the "*" above is a multiplication sign)

Little did we know that we were being mentally prepared for 7th grade pre-algebra.

So in 7th grade we're given problems like

x + 7 = 12

3 * x = 18

and the very same classmates I'd had in 2nd grade were getting all bent out of shape. "Oh, algebra, it's SOOOO hard!" And I'd remind them we did this in 2nd grade, except we got to write the number inside a hollow shape instead of writing "x = whatever" on a separate line.

Subtract 6x and add 31 to each side

You’re left with 3x=32
Divide each side by 3
X=32/3=10 plus 2/3

Forget ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine--raw sewage is the way to go!

The really effective way to prevent against infection by COVID-19 is to siphon off some untreated effluent from your city's or town's sewer system, and use it for bathing and gargling. If you're out in the country, you can get it from your own septic tank or outhouse. This is what my cousin's friend's car mechanic said he was seeing all over his Facebook feed, and people are getting amazing results! Apparently it helps to build up their immune system naturally.

I'd have my qualms about trying something like that myself, and besides, I already got my free pfizer shot. But if it's cheaper than ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, and easier to come by, I feel so pwned by those resourceful MAGATs!

Plus, the MAGATs say that the treatment creates an invisible aura of protection around them that keeps the pesky, holier-than-thou vaccinated folks far away, so the MAGATs don't have to put up with any of the vaccinated's "get vaxxed" crap!

What if the Build Back Better Act were renamed the Make America Great Again Act?

For that matter, the Democrats could say that we have a forthcoming vote on the Make America Great Again Debt Ceiling!

Would the repubs get tied up in knots lest their constituents think they're voting against MAGA?

Just a thought...

Considering there are many months, and even months in a row, that we have no rainfall at all,

in parts of Arizona and the desert Southwest, the statement in the article, "Some locations could see a month’s worth of rainfall in hours" is pretty meaningless.
But, that said, this month's rainfall at our home in Tucson has already exceeded last year's total rainfall of about 4 inches by far.

Why aren't infection rates reported as "daily new cases per 100K unvaccinated"?

instead of "daily new cases per 100K", which is grouping both the vaccinated AND unvaccinated.

I know there are breakthrough infections, and not to minimize the situations of those to whom that happens, but they're a very small fraction of all infections. If you ignore those, you can calculate the percent unvaccinated (1 - percent vaccinated)), then find the daily new cases per 100K unvaccinated by dividing the daily new cases per 100K by the percent unvaccinated.

Using today's numbers from the covidactnow.org page, the ten worst states for daily new cases per 100K unvaccinated are:

Florida 68.6
Missouri 60.9
Arkansas 60.2
Nevada 48.5
Louisiana 43.0
Utah 33.3
Kansas 28.6
Alaska 28.2
Arizona 27.9
Alabama 27.6

Isn't this a whole lot more meaningful?

Most all of this crap could be done away with if the US treated bathrooms the way they do in France

and perhaps other places, for all I know. One communal room for men and women with sinks and towels or hand driers, individual stalls with lockable doors around the perimeter of the room for toilets, and branching off from the communal room is a side room, out of view of the main room, with urinals for those equipped with male plumbing. The stall doors reach down almost to floor level, and the walls between stalls touch the floor. Problem solved (I think--correct me if I'm missing something).

Use the word "gaetzeist" in a sentence or phrase.

I posted about my new made-up word late last night, as a response to a response in a post by Beetwasher (https://www.democraticunderground.com/100215294303).
But because it likely didn't get viewed much, I thought I'd post here, and challenge people to come up with good uses for it.

"Gaetzeist" is modeled after the German "zeitgeist."

My suggestion: "The Republican party's current gaetzeist of embracing putrefacatious acolytes."

Try your own hand at it! Celebrate the schauenfreude!

We could even tweet about it! #gaetzeist

Invent a new word? How about "gaetzeist," as a takeoff on "zeitgeist"?

used in a phrase, "The Republican party's current gaetzeist of embracing putrefacatious acolytes."
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