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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2008, 06:25 PM
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Who gets to decide what is respectful regarding a flag?

The whole issue is complete asinine. How close does a flag have to be, and what group-sanctioned activity, such as the recitation of the pledge of allegiance, has to be going on, for people to be told they have to act respectfully? What if someone is disabled and can't, say, stand and put their hand over their heart? What if someone is mentally impaired and can't understand what is going on? What if you're working on projects at home while a national anthem is playing before a sporting event on the TV in the other room? What IS being respectful? Saluting, hand over the heart, sign of the cross, tap-dancing, acting out the "Stella!" scene from "Streetcar"? Where's the boundary? Why is kneeling not considered respectful? People kneel in (some) churches all the time. Are they not being respectful to their god? What if people are "acting" respectfully but thinking disrespectfully, or via versa? Are we getting into the issues of mind police? Oh, I'm burning a flag! What's going on in my mind? Am I burning it in a riot as an act of protest, or "respectfully" following the protocol of the US Flag Code? What if I'm following the protocol for burning the flag respectfully but I'm thinking disrespectful thoughts? What if I'm driving my jacked-up 4x4 with a 12-foot flag hanging off the back that has been reduced to tatters, each little bit slowly wearing off and landing in a ditch or street gutter somewhere? This whole issue just needs to shrivel up and blow away.
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