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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2008, 05:25 PM
Number of posts: 824

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Lack of compliance, the non-brain-damaged warned,

"could result in labor challenges and high levels of illness from COVID-19. "Some employees could opt to die or be permanently disabled, which "could cause significant business disruptions, and could adversely impact service performance and result in lower mail volume and revenue."

Putting the foot in the other shoe and all that....

I keep thinking about how someone posted on DU few days ago about a kid asking about original sin

Something to the effect of, "They told me in Sunday School that I was born with original sin. Why does God hate me? Why am I bad?" And all these Christian white parents don't give a second thought to their li'l dahlinks being taught to hate themselves because they're born sinners. Someone should start a movement to protest the teaching of Critical Original Sin Theory in our religious schools. Think of the COST to our tiny tyke's delicate psyches! Think of how their thinking has been warped and damaged by these insidious teachings and those who promote them!

Sort of a twisted, turn-the-tables-on-them approach. See how THEY like it.

My arm started getting sore after about 6 hours.

And more sore by 12 hours. But nowhere near unbearable or keeping me from sleeping. After about 36 to 48 hours the soreness started fading away and after 4 days it was completely gone. No other aches or chills or fever or tiredness. This was much the same as my first two shots last spring except this time my arm was a bit more sore, I think. Your Mileage May Vary. Good luck, and enjoy the feeling of extra security in a couple weeks!

Just count up the number of negatives. An odd number of falses is a true. So they say.

Easier said than done. For example...

"She announced she will resign after the Senate would not confirm her reappointment following her refusal to vote against repealing a motion to reject the authority of a committee formed to disband the study group that recommended against disqualifying the opt-out by protesters from suing to prevent being mandated to abstain from complying with an anti-racism resolution."

Is an abstention a true or a false? How about a "would not confirm"?

I get baffled.

It's like a couple toddlers, who, instead of going, "Is not!" "Is so!" "Is not!" "Is so!", instead go "Is not!" "Is not NOT!" "Uh-uh is not NOT!" "NO WAY uh-uh is not NOT!"

Thank you for the acknowledgement, EarlG.

It may have been 13 years, but sometimes it feels like yesterday. And I was actually lurking without creating an account almost since DU's inception.
I'll celebrate the anniversary by renewing my membership.

I hate to say I figured it out from using Google maps, and your title of "Yellowhead Highway."

I looked for mountains near the Yellowhead Highway, and found Mt. Robson in about five minutes, aided by linked photos. You sure hit it in perfect lighting, and found a great spot along the road to take it all in.
I loved your other photos in your posting today of "More roadscape photos" (https://www.democraticunderground.com/103692996)
It looks like you spend your life on the road, camera in hand, and take time to smell the roses and photograph the sights along the way to where you're headed. Good for you! Thank you for sharing them all!

Hasn't everyone murdered innocent children in the dark of night and buried them in the woods?

Hasn't everyone sent unmarked envelopes containing white powder to government officials?

Hasn't everyone left armed pipe bombs outside businesses they hate?

Hasn't everyone snorted Idaho's annual GDP worth of coke backstage before political speeches?

Just wondering. Maybe it's just me.

In this case, the x is the unknown. It could by y or z or a or gamma or a box.

I remember doing worksheets in 2nd grade where we had to write the answer inside a big open box of triangle or circle.

[BOX] + 7 = 12

3 * [CIRCLE] = 18

(where the "*" above is a multiplication sign)

Little did we know that we were being mentally prepared for 7th grade pre-algebra.

So in 7th grade we're given problems like

x + 7 = 12

3 * x = 18

and the very same classmates I'd had in 2nd grade were getting all bent out of shape. "Oh, algebra, it's SOOOO hard!" And I'd remind them we did this in 2nd grade, except we got to write the number inside a hollow shape instead of writing "x = whatever" on a separate line.

Subtract 6x and add 31 to each side

You’re left with 3x=32
Divide each side by 3
X=32/3=10 plus 2/3

Forget ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine--raw sewage is the way to go!

The really effective way to prevent against infection by COVID-19 is to siphon off some untreated effluent from your city's or town's sewer system, and use it for bathing and gargling. If you're out in the country, you can get it from your own septic tank or outhouse. This is what my cousin's friend's car mechanic said he was seeing all over his Facebook feed, and people are getting amazing results! Apparently it helps to build up their immune system naturally.

I'd have my qualms about trying something like that myself, and besides, I already got my free pfizer shot. But if it's cheaper than ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, and easier to come by, I feel so pwned by those resourceful MAGATs!

Plus, the MAGATs say that the treatment creates an invisible aura of protection around them that keeps the pesky, holier-than-thou vaccinated folks far away, so the MAGATs don't have to put up with any of the vaccinated's "get vaxxed" crap!

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