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Member since: Tue Oct 28, 2008, 06:25 PM
Number of posts: 1,150

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I'd gladly allow him to have a reporter pool in his mind

in trade for him checking himself into a max security prison for thirty years.

I never have been and never will be on Twitter, especially now. I'd say you're not missing anything.

My "social media," such as it is, is pretty much limited to DU. I don't have the time for it, and definitely don't need to have algorithms shoving things at me I don't want to get into my brain. And I don't need to spend my non-existent spare time doom-scrolling.

ALL the problems with people being influenced negatively by social media would go away if people simply stopped looking at social media. It's really very simple.

Yes, yes, there's good stuff on there, we've got to keep it from going to the dogs, yadda, yadda. Doesn't matter. With Muskovite at the helm, firing all the software engineers, it's going to be irredeemably hacked and/or crash and burn of its own accord within months, I think.

I'm a Luddite, I know.

I never heard that 1 B100

Dare say blight olden days yonder Beto.

If the constitution were terminated, then with it the institution of the presidency would be as well

since it is defined by the constitution. Silly rabbit!

If the holiday is a remider of past misery, even though you didn't ask for any suggestions,

might I suggest being a bit selective and only put up/out the decorations which you think will best bring you joy, or evoke any other mood that you might wish to anticipate experiencing during the 35 days.

I tend to put out only a handful of old favorites that bring good memories, and what I put out might change from year to year.

Sorry you find yourself wearing a mask and in performance mode.

Actually not quite 50 or 50 on either side of the slash, since the possibility exists...

that the lead might not change by even a single vote.

But one can always hope for something to be found that upsets the current lead considerably.
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