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ProgressiveProfessor's Journal
ProgressiveProfessor's Journal
February 28, 2013

Counsel the teacher and keep an eye out for retaliation

There is no requirement to stay within the school chain, never has been. Here is an unrelated case of why going outside can be a better approach: http://www.photographyisnotacrime.com/2013/02/27/california-high-school-principal-orders-student-to-delete-video-of-teacher-stealing/

All public employees should conduct themselves with a view to what is called the Washington Post test (what if this was featured on the front page of the Washington Post). I always tried to.

January 19, 2013

Actually there are a number of things I think should be tightened

I support all of the President's executive actions, including checks on all transfers, better data collection, and increased enforcement of existing laws (though Biden has disclaimed the latter). I support some things he should have included, like safe storage requirements.

In terms of hardware, I think that handgun magazines should be limited to what fits in the grip. For those rare handgun designs with the magazine elsewhere, the historic magazines (for old designs) and 10 otherwise sound reasonable. I also support mandatory training for owners, mandatory safety training for children and waiting periods with some reservations.

I do not support cosmetic feature bans, bans of semi autos, and the like. I could support future manufacturing bans of magazines larger than those supplied by the manufacturer or generally available in the case of generic magazines. That should take care of the 100 round magazines and other useless bling that gets things spun up.

I do not support the reopening of the roster to allow additional machine guns in private hands. I think suppressors should be handled as they are in Europe...safety equipment.

Many of the pro gun control posts here consist of F-bombs. That is not dialog. Most people are ignoring the stats. The number of mass shooting is dropping. What is not being looked that (though a few here post about it) is the daily numbers, which are not good. The best way forward on this appears to be the President's executive actions.

January 19, 2013

Its a pretty simple chain...

- Guns are technical
- With technical stuff, details matter
- If you don't understand the details on technical stuff, you are going to screw it up.
Same with computers, airplanes, etc

Most pols are lawyers who don't get technical stuff nor that kind of detail. A group of them once declared Pi=3 to make math easier. It really is hard for the techies to take them seriously.

If people want to discuss practical ways to limit something, they need to understand it. Pointing out that they are wrong on critical details is not NRA talking points, its basic facts and physics. If people claiming to design the solutions or pushing for changes do not understand the those basics, why should they have any credibility, either on DU or in Congress? The level of knowledge needed is fairly low, some basics will do, and its not just terminology.

January 9, 2013

That is not true...what follows will slow down the illegal weapons traffic in this country

without doing stupid and meaningless things.

Things I support

NICS checks or equivalent on all transactions, even private party transaction, inheritance, and gifts. My approach would be a Federal FOID that you would automatically get at 18yo so they are not a "firearms ownership licenses", a common objection to that approach. The check is then if the FOID is still valid for the sale to proceed. This is easy from the IT perspective. Note the NRA rejects the FOID approach.

Limitation of pistol magazines to what fits inside the grip of the gun. Require that new designs not support magazines that extend beneath the handle (BATF already has authority to force design changes). This is readily demonstrated by the Ruger line of .22LR handguns and the Astra 400/600. Grandfather or buy back at retail price non-conforming magazines. This approach also slows down magazine changes. Note that the NRA has rejected magazine limitations

All firearms must be secured when not in use, being cleaned, transported, etc. While California got stupid on parts of this, its the right thing to do. Some will miss their old time glass front display cases or wall rack, but proper security is a must. Would consider an exemption for non-functional devices. I believe the NRA has fought mandatory safes. It adds costs to gun ownership, but this has to be done.

Mandatory reporting of theft or loss. This is a no brainer. A number of pro gun people say they will report theirs missing to avoid registration etc. That should be felony country.

Enforce the existing Federal laws about false paperwork by purchasers. Bloomie and I even agree on this one

Somethings I have mixed feelings about/no definitive solution

Mandatory owner training. It is not required to exercise any other enumerated right, but I have seen some very scary stuff over the years. Not sure what the standards should be, but I come down on the side of some training being required. The NRA has fought this.

Mandatory safety training for children. Enough for them to overcome their natural curiosity and get an adult should they find an unsecured firearm. While some would find that more offensive than the fundies find sex ed, until things change, its basic safety and needs to be done. Not sure the best way, but it is clearly called for. NRA has not taken a stand on this but does offer such classes. I don't see it as a talking point.

Waiting periods. For someone who already has firearms, not sure what purpose they serve. For first time owners I support them. Overall I think they are a good idea. Not sure what the right time length should be. 1 weeks seems good. There are reports that Lanza tried to buy a rifle but was stopped by the mandated waiting period (if the media reports are to be believed). NRA opposes waiting periods

Better mental health reporting and supervision. Seen a number of posts on that here. Clearly something is called for, but how to do it is not clear. Loughner never should have been allowed to have a gun. Also we cannot and should not demonize the mentally ill and the people who serve them as some have done. The NRA has fought additional reporting of some types of problems yet is trying to blame the "crazies". Go figure

That's my current working list. Still thinking about long guns, and have some thoughts, but not enough to post yet. Those will address some of the concerns. Clearly it is not enough based on your prior posts, but its a fair start.

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