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Member since: Thu Jan 22, 2009, 04:35 PM
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Can the senators who voted to NOT accept the will of the people be excluded in Senate trial?

There are 9 co-seditionists that voted to support objections to either or both AZ and PA totals.

If they are excluded from the Senate as jurors, then the 100 becomes 91. If Perdue is also excluded due to having lost his seat that may be 90 (or still 91, but with Ossoff instead of Perdue)...

So 2/3rd majority of senators would no longer be 67, it would be 61. That would lower the threshold of conviction significantly and make removal from office (or simply stripping the right to ever again hold ANY office or trust under the United States) ... which might be the best outcome we are going to see?

Do I have that wrong or twisted?

Did anyone think to cut off the internet at the Capitol during this assault?

There were unauthorized people looking at files and computers and e-mails...was the sitaution addressed or are they STILL rooting through things now, hours later?

October 16 - 28, 1962 - 13 days Cuban Missile Crisis - closest to extinction ever...

January 6 - 20, 2021 - 14 days = Trump Missile Crisis...he CANNOT be trusted to maintain the nuclear codes, period.
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