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Moral Compass

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Member since: Thu Apr 30, 2009, 11:22 AM
Number of posts: 906

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Sorry for your loss

My condolences.

Maltese are super sweet. We had one and he was the apple of my wife’s eye. Losing Alec was really hard on all of us, but especially my wife.

I understand your pain.
Posted by Moral Compass | Fri May 24, 2019, 10:48 AM (0 replies)


Those that think he is trying to get the Democrats to impeach him haven't been listening when he completely freaks out about any mention of impeachment.

He's trying to get back control of the narrative and lately even Fox News hasn't been cooperating. He knows that this is all spiraling out of control. He keeps filing suits and losing. Even judges appointed by him and Bush are failing to come through with the decisions he seems to think he should be getting.

If the issue of McGhan and Mueller and others testifying before Congress comes to a court he'll lose that case too. The Constitution, while vague about some things, it is not vague about the structure of the government and the fundamental co-equality of each branch. There is no basis for a favorable decision on McGhan not testifying for example. He cannot assert executive privilege as he has already waived that by allowing McGhan to talk to Mueller.

Nothing is looking good for him right now.
Posted by Moral Compass | Wed May 22, 2019, 08:17 PM (0 replies)

Only creepy because of the creepy things he's said about her...

The sad thing is that this IS creepy—only because of the things he has said about Ivanka. Otherwise, it would be a picture of a father embracing his daughter and kissing her on her head.

But The Most Disgusting Man Alive ruins everything.
Posted by Moral Compass | Wed May 22, 2019, 10:46 AM (1 replies)

Que adorable!

Posted by Moral Compass | Wed May 22, 2019, 10:39 AM (0 replies)

Any performer needs to have new material

He hasn’t rolled out any new material.

The act is getting old.

He’s getting old.

This is an act and if he doesn’t refresh it he’ll continue to lose his audience until only the completely crazy are left.
Posted by Moral Compass | Thu May 9, 2019, 06:12 PM (0 replies)

Yeah and...

I’m using the word “fuck” more too.

As in, “you’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” and “for fuck’s sake!” Etcetera.
Posted by Moral Compass | Mon May 6, 2019, 01:46 PM (0 replies)

Trump thinks old

Trump is an old man thinking old thoughts and thinks he can win with old tactics.

He thinks we can through the sheer force of his personality return us to those golden days when racism wasn’t legally constrained, men could freely sexually abuse woman without fear, and coal and oil were all we needed to thrive.
Posted by Moral Compass | Wed Apr 24, 2019, 03:11 PM (0 replies)

Wahhh wahhh wahhh

Call the wambulance.

What just desserts he’s having to dine on. The heartless sociopath brought low after ruining so many other’s lives. This is more delicious than watching him twist in the wind while the crows pick out his eyes. The dead cannot feel pain, but Stone is reaping a small part of his vast karmic debt. Let there be more and worse to come.
Posted by Moral Compass | Fri Apr 12, 2019, 06:56 PM (0 replies)

Let me count the ways...

Tired? Beyond tired.

This regime is lawless and is explicitly evil.

The damage being done will be very difficult to undo.

We have the AG of the US now functioning as Trump’s consigliere and playing to the base with a baseless accusation of ‘spying’ on the Trump campaign. That Trump could make this accusation and actually believe it is one thing. But Barr knows how this all works and knows the difficulty of getting a FISA warrant issued and then re approved 3 times.

This blatantly partisan accusation coupled with his suppression of the Mueller report should be enough for articles of impeachment now.
Posted by Moral Compass | Fri Apr 12, 2019, 03:32 PM (0 replies)

Incredible idea

Hope this has legs.
Posted by Moral Compass | Fri Apr 12, 2019, 10:49 AM (0 replies)
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