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Member since: Fri May 1, 2009, 01:06 AM
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knock, knock

Phone rings. I answer. Young lady wants to know if I answer a survey question.
I say, “Ok”
She says, “I’m with Americans for Prosperity—“
“Are there Americans against Prosperity?”
I forget her response.
“I thought prosperity was just around the corner.”
Prolonged silence.
“Go ahead”
“Four years ago Obama—“
I cut her off. “So, you’re working for the BAINO’s , billionaire Americans in Name Only. (voice rising) The people who want to take away your vote, After the Night of Terror in 1917 when 33 women picketed the White House and were brutally beaten for your right to vote (voice rising still), you’re going to let these BAINOs extort your vote from you?”
“Google it, google Night of Terror,” I say, my voice rising to a crescendo, “ and then call someone else and tell them to vote for these Billionaire Americans in Name Only, BAINOS”
“Any other questions ?” I ask, voice calm and reasoned.
“Have a nice day,” she says.

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