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MAD DOG Mattis IS AN ASS:broke convention on generals being Sec Def, nomalizing DT, and is a killer

Because Mad Dog has lightly dissed DT do not make him a good guy; he likes to kill, helped destroy many people, and destroy our country's military standards.

Who is Whoopi addressing: Global Climate strikers, GM workers, the millions working to dump DT, who?

Whoopi sounds like a very rich old person who is 102% out of touch.

Are we saying that Warren has agreed to drop out rather then split the vote? This post is confusing

From the quote (see below) Bernie has said if the progressive vote splits and Biden wins he won't quit -- so I guess this means that Warren will quit?

In an interview with Yahoo News last Thursday, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., brushed off the possibility that he and Sen. Elizabeth Warren could split the progressive vote, creating an easy path for former Vice President Joe Biden to win the Democratic presidential primary.

Ok, lots of blame to go around -- yet there is no defense for Pharmacists (read the Code of Ethics)

From the APhA (https://www.pharmacist.com/code-ethics)

A pharmacist respects the covenantal relationship between the patient and pharmacist.

Considering the patient-pharmacist relationship as a covenant means that a pharmacist has moral obligations in response to the gift of trust received from society. In return for this gift, a pharmacist promises to help individuals achieve optimum benefit from their medications, to be committed to their welfare, and to maintain their trust.

I am disgusted by the drug companies, the physicians, the pharmacists and those who defend any of those killers.

Sorry, I disagree -- all health care providers are responsible to ensure patients' safety

Millions of prescriptions for a killer drug in a small city is "not doing his job", it is corruption.

The Pro-slavery College was created to maintain slavery


Koch John Birch

My father, a life long republican, would scorn whenever he heard a hint of the John Birch society. The Koch family is the John Birch society. Always remember Republicans of old hated the JBS and Koch is JBS.

Beto's comments are (to me) totally non-controversial

On the other hand, I agree that there is lot to address in the campaign and to bet DR we need a challenger who was not obsessed with demonizing him.


It is amazing that Biden, having been around politics for so long, does not recognize that they are. Could he be a quisling?

I didn't see it coming, I was naive

I believed that he would not die before the trial. I guess because I just can't imagine what evil will do -- it is a shortcoming of mine.
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