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Member since: Sat Oct 17, 2009, 05:22 AM
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Wake up

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What will they do next, tell us to stop smoking!

To paraphrase Hillary : Guns should be safe, legal, and rare

This is totally unfair...

He did get loads of uncritical press from CNN, Fox, MSNBC, NPR.

We keep taking step after step toward the dark side

Maybe now we have a vote over country as well as fly over country: people who are ignored by the people who vote. I can think of many times I might have been kicked off the voter roles.

There is a Zeus

Thank you Cheesus! Thank you Gooda.

Was the the public position, or the private position?

"legitimate libertarian outlet" is an oxymoron

Libertarian is a best learned and forgotten in high school.

1) DT pardoned a leaker while complaining about leakers 2) Fair Game is a scientology term

How anyone can speak positively of a DT who supports our our enemies by pardoning the guy who attacked one of our front line defenders (Valarie Plame) WHILE ordering other defenders to go into harms way in a military strike is astounding and pungent!

I've also found more and more parallels between scientology run by a narcissist and the narcissist DT, both of them had myths that were largely made up by Lafrance Hubbard and DT, both got many people to believe them, both of their have a small bit of truth at the middle of their phony accomplishments, and both mostly harmed those who are true believers. Although in DT's case his circle of harm is much much bigger.

Quicken Loans did it to me / Ageism is rampant in US

1) I got my degree later in life at Eastern Michigan, I was almost 40
2) I applied to Quicken Loans in Detroit and got a phone interview
3) Call ended quickly when they asked why I had so much experience I I told that that I got my degree after working for 20 years

I've spoken to people who have worked at Quicken, they confirmed that there is a Logan's Run characteristic at the company.

Having had posts removed for a critique gentler that this...

I think Bill has a point. And if one can't bring up criticisms of democrats without identifying how they can improve or avoid stupid mistakes === bad things will happen.
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