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Dorn's Journal
Dorn's Journal
July 31, 2019

Reagan outed as a overt, extreme racist

From CNN: "In a newly unearthed audio clip, then-California Gov. Ronald Reagan disparaged "monkeys" from African countries in a phone call with then-President Richard Nixon"

From the Atlantic: "Reagan forged ahead with his complaint: “To see those, those monkeys from those African countries—damn them, they’re still uncomfortable wearing shoes!

From the Wash PO: "Then-California Gov. Ronald Reagan talked to President Nixon in October 1971 after the United Nations voted to recognize the People’s Republic of China with support from African delegates."

From Fox News: "0 results found "

July 31, 2019

The reason there are so many candidates is an effort to hide Bernie in a crowd

This is the largest number of candidates in my life time, the party encouraged it to hide Bernie Sanders in a forest of others.

July 29, 2019

I agree: ftNRA

July 26, 2019

I going to show this to a Fox lover, I think she'll miss ...

the statements even Fox included alluding to Melania being a nude model:
"Charm the pants off you" and "She's beautiful inside, and out"

Sorry, I can't get over people voting for a president who cheated on his porn model wife

July 16, 2019

Pelosi is dead to me

1998 Clinton Impeached
2000 White House and House of Representatives controlled by Republicans
2002 Senate controlled by Republicans

Where is the darn long game?

July 12, 2019

Sorry, there is not a "Black Vote". There are blacks who vote

and there are whites, Indians, and Chinese, youth, and Polish who vote.

July 10, 2019

I 110% agree, how stupid does it make the next leader of the free world to raise their hand?

Not to mention that it trivialized complex and nuanced questions. During the last two debates those "raise your hand" questions really made me upset.

Thank you CNN!

July 8, 2019

People say the Melania has grace: I say Betty Ford had grace, Michelle had grace. Melania has nudes

all over the internet.

If that is grace, I'm a pickle.

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