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This means the the DNC's approach to defeat Senator Sanders has failed.

Most candidates for president since 1911

I canvassed for Obama in 2008 -- I was given a list of houses to contact and skipped the rest

100% Agree

In my life I've worked on 2 presidential candidates, it will soon be 3

1) Nixon, when I was 10, because my dad had me put fliers in houses on one side of the street while he did the opposite side
2) Obama, phone banking because I believed it was very important for him to win.

Minor impact at most; this questions seems like a neoliberal talking point

Remember in 2016 when the Repugs said the same thing, they lost 6 seats in the house

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump could be a drag on some of the party’s down-ballot candidates in Kansas, the Kansas Republican Party’s executive director said Tuesday.

Read more here: https://www.kansas.com/news/politics-government/article109007802.html#storylink=cpy

Is that similar to Hillary really really wanting to run against DT?

One other thing: Follow the Money

Where does a candidate (right, left, center) get their funding? It was true with Nixon, it is true now: FOLLOW THE MONEY

What an odd idea, what an odd piece. Who are you?

Student loan forgiveness is not a give away, it is a minor step toward fixing out out of wack economic system.

Interesting that you lean on the Koch brother's Tea Party response to the 2009 financial crisis as a reason not to work toward fixing a broken system.
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