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Member since: Sat Oct 17, 2009, 06:22 AM
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RS is doing what all good propagandists do:repeat a lie, repeat a lie, repeat a lie, repeat a lie...

"And it all went down at a bar called The Nuthouse." -- Freep.com

That is very funny, there is a NutHouse bar in Lansing.


Seems like NHTSA should require a ground halt of all effected Tesla cars

This is much different than other recalls, if the seat belt in my car needs a recall -- I am the only one who would be hurt, if a 'self driving' car runs someone over that is significantly different.

There was a problem with gas haulers in Michigan a few years ago, they would break and kill nearby drivers -- the Governor temporarily banned all of them.

Follow the electrons : https://poweroutage.us/

This is a pretty good nation-wide electrical outage map. Right now:

States and territories by customers out
Texas 205,087
Arkansas 45,277
New York 21,365
Mississippi 8,450
Washington 7,730
Last Updated: 2023-02-03 06:06:02 PM EST

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