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Member since: Thu Nov 12, 2009, 11:57 AM
Number of posts: 1,753

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When and What will Delusional Donnie Tweet about his latest smarmy acts.

Preparations need to be made now for when the COVID vaccine becomes

available, and to begin the set up for portable freezer units for every state all across the nation. Their location should be near or on site of city hospitals, as needed, and where the vaccine would be continually in stock for immediate use. Also, have refrigerated trucks at the ready for pick up and delivery to transport the vaccines to other smaller hospitals/clinics. Having said that- I'm assuming Biden has a plan but I wonder how he will deal with the massive funding without congress.

Hey everyone, you too media, look over here, wait - look here too. Makes me wonder

what illegal monkey business is going on behind the scenes!

I want to be Pence's fly on the wall to

witness the intervention between Trump and his crime family. How does one explain a truth to a man who refuses to listen, let alone understand the consequences of his actions - or his inactions.

What would be a great way for the nation to celebrate Joe's win? Ideas anyone......

Mine is this: All across the nation have people of every large city Biden won, celebrate by having cheering crowds, all carrying helium balloons, and at the moment Biden finishes his inauguration speech - every person releases their balloon in unison. Red, White and Blue Balloons all over the nation!

Once Trump loses, can someone blow up the Trump balloon and

do a fly over at the white house - then have it explode, how, I don't know, but someone surely could figure that out.

I just heard on MSNBC that Trump is ahead by a wide margin with the Cuban voters in FL, because

... wait for it ---------- they don't want Biden because Trump warned them that he will turn the USA into a socialist country! OK - then, why doesn't Biden and Obama simply ask them - did Obama turn our country into a Socialist country while he was president. He certainly had plenty of time to do so had that been true! I mean really -- OBAMA WAS PRESIDENT -- BIDEN WAS VICE PRESIDENT -- FOR 8 YEARS!
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