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Martha Herbert ‏@marthaherbertmd Feb 20 2014
MT - Beyond Hopelessness: Autism as a complex, chronic, whole-body disorder (not a permanent, brain-based trait)

Retweeted by Autism Revolution
Healthy U NOW ‏@HUNFoundation May 15 2013
New detailed article on diet and autism in Journal of Child Neurology- by Drs. Martha Herbert and Julie Buckley! pic.twitter.com/2poXsb3TIJ



Public release date: 15-Jan-2013
NIH/National Institute of Mental Health

Study documents that some children lose autism diagnosis

Small group with confirmed autism now on par with mainstream peers -- NIH-funded study

Some children who are accurately diagnosed in early childhood with autism lose the symptoms and the diagnosis as they grow older, a study supported by the National Institutes of Health has confirmed. The research team made the finding by carefully documenting a prior diagnosis of autism in a small group of school-age children and young adults with no current symptoms of the disorder.

The report is the first of a series that will probe more deeply into the nature of the change in these children's status. Having been diagnosed at one time with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), these young people now appear to be on par with typically developing peers. The study team is continuing to analyze data on changes in brain function in these children and whether they have subtle residual social deficits. The team is also reviewing records on the types of interventions the children received, and to what extent they may have played a role in the transition.

"Although the diagnosis of autism is not usually lost over time, the findings suggest that there is a very wide range of possible outcomes," said NIMH Director Thomas R. Insel, M.D. "For an individual child, the outcome may be knowable only with time and after some years of intervention. Subsequent reports from this study should tell us more about the nature of autism and the role of therapy and other factors in the long term outcome for these children."

The study, led by Deborah Fein, Ph.D., at the University of Connecticut, Storrs, recruited 34 optimal outcome children, who had received a diagnosis of autism in early life and were now reportedly functioning no differently than their mainstream peers. For comparison, the 34 children were matched by age, sex, and nonverbal IQ with 44 children with high-functioning autism, and 34 typically developing peers. Participants ranged in age from 8 to 21 years old.


More: https://www.facebook.com/TheAutismRevolution
Posted by proverbialwisdom | Mon Dec 29, 2014, 09:56 PM (0 replies)

Just saw this...


The H E R O Child Rescue Corps
Published on Dec 10, 2014

Official PROTECT

While America fights terrorists overseas, there is another kind of terrorist right here at home, targeting our children. U.S. law enforcement has identified hundreds of thousands of criminals in the U.S. participating in a global child sexual exploitation marketplace. Now, an elite corps of American military veterans is on a new battlefield, with a new enemy. Watch the video to learn about the crisis and the HERO Corps.

Supporters include ... And the Wounded Warrior Project Foundation.

DONATE: http://www.protect.org/donate-hero-corps
Posted by proverbialwisdom | Mon Dec 29, 2014, 02:47 AM (0 replies)

Product loyalty is limitless and supersedes science (because none of it can possibly be reasonable)?

Check out some of those National Children’s Study Proposed Core Hypotheses: http://www.democraticunderground.com/1014966033
Check out the MUMPER STUDY: http://najms.net/wp-content/uploads/v06i03.pdf#page=34
May I encourage you to define your pejorative terms with greater care: http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1002&pid=5944629

IMO, information is part of informed consent and is for everyone, not just policymakers.

Posted by proverbialwisdom | Thu Dec 18, 2014, 05:45 PM (1 replies)

Huge U.S. Child Health Study Canceled After $1.3 Billion

Source: By Alex Wayne at Bloomberg.com

Dec 15, 2014 8:47 AM PT

The U.S. government canceled one of its most ambitious health research projects, an effort to follow 100,000 children from before birth through adolescence, after spending about $1.3 billion since 2007 without it ever really getting off the ground.

Run by the National Institutes of Health, the study was to collect data on child health and development in the hope of discovering insights into autism and other maladies.

Administrative difficulties and the project’s spiraling costs alarmed NIH Director Francis Collins, who ordered an evaluation of the study after the National Academy of Sciences raised concerns in a June 16 report.

The project was authorized by Congress in 2000 yet never got past a small pilot study to test research methods. The study “as currently designed is not feasible,” Collins said in a Dec. 12 statement on the NIH’s website.

Read more: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-12-15/huge-u-s-child-health-study-canceled-after-1-3-billion.html
Posted by proverbialwisdom | Mon Dec 15, 2014, 04:41 PM (17 replies)

CVT: "We support Senator Feinstein’s call for legislation to ‘enshrine’ the ban into law."

Not my field, but CVT and Feinstein appear to hold views differing from yours.

Incidentally, isn't "The CENTER for VICTIMS of TORTURE" the premier NGO on torture?


...CVT’s budget has grown from $212,000 in 1987 to more than $10 million in 2011

Posted by proverbialwisdom | Sat Dec 13, 2014, 03:39 PM (0 replies)

FYI & I predict that EVERYONE will draw the line somewhere eventually & acquire the label, even you.


TRACY COOLEY | 09/11/2013
New PhRMA Report: Nearly 300 Vaccines Currently in Development

Today, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America released a report, Medicines in Development: Vaccines – A Report on the Prevention and Treatment of Disease Through Vaccines. The report shows that U.S. biopharma companies are currently developing 271 vaccines to prevent and treat numerous conditions, including infectious diseases and various forms of cancer and neurological disorders.

Vaccines have successfully prevented devastating infectious diseases such as smallpox, measles and polio. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 10 infectious diseases have been at least 90 percent eradicated in the U.S. as a result of vaccines. These innovations and subsequent immunization efforts have protected millions of children and families.

“Biopharmaceutical research companies are working with partners across the ecosystem to apply new scientific approaches to the development of both preventative and therapeutic vaccines,” said PhRMA President and CEO John J. Castellani. “The nearly 300 vaccines in the pipeline provide great hope for protecting and improving public health in the United States and across the globe.”


Posted by proverbialwisdom | Thu Dec 11, 2014, 02:08 PM (1 replies)

Thank you very much for the links, but AS isn't the story - autism is. (nt)

Posted by proverbialwisdom | Sun Dec 7, 2014, 02:48 PM (2 replies)
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