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Hometown: Flint MI
Current location: Nevada
Member since: Sun Feb 21, 2010, 05:47 PM
Number of posts: 7,437

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It Looks Like a Storm System Is Forming Just South of Baja California

I went to the wind maps to check on Jose and the new system just off Africa's west coast and it jumped out at me: there is a tight circular formation just south of Baja California's southern tip.

Here are the maps I look at. You can drag the maps anywhere you want.



I Need Help Finding a Video on YouTube

A black comedian, probably in his thirties, did a couple songs as Obama. He sat in the mountains on a cliff playing a ukulele or mandolin. It was about the sequester and one line was about how Boehner would dance like Mitzi Gaynor when he had been drinking. At the end, he dropped his mandolin over the edge and said that it was a long way down.

Please help!

Statues of Jefferson and Washington and Local Decisions

shitgibbon asked if statues of Jefferson and Washington are coming down next. Is this just more proof of his dementia?

Jefferson and Washington were not traitors to the United States. Confederate soldiers were. Why in hell would we want to erect statues to those who took up arms against the US? Way to change the subject there, orange boy.

As for leaving it up to the local jurisdiction to decide when to take a statue down, Joy just said that it is exactly what Charlottesville did. The city decided to take the statue down and a bunch of racist outsiders descended to protest it. So much for the WH squatter's respect of a local decision.

Tell Me Something I Don't Know

Thread title shamelessly stolen from Chris Matthews.

Tell us a helpful hint or life hack that would make things a little easier for your readers.

Here's mine:

If you are sick of seeing those irritating popups on YouTube videos, go to the settings icon along the bottom. It looks like a little gear with cogs. Click once and turn off "Annotations" by clicking on the left of the slide bar. That brings the circle to the left and most of those popups no longer appear.

If someone could tell us how to make that a permanent setting, I would be grateful.

Your helpful hint does not have to be about the internet. It could be something as simple as dumping a cupful of vinegar in the kitchen drain once a week to cut down on mold and odors (that one was free).

She Persevered!

anyone watching Lawrence? He just ran the commercial put out by Amy McGrath. In one part, she was talking about how her mother, in spite of naysayers who said she couldn't do it, worked hard and was one of the first women to graduate from medical school in Kentucky. Any said "She persevered."

Lt col. McGrath is my kind of candidate.

Is Anyone Else Having Trouble Seeing Avatars?

Mine disappeared and so have a few others. I went to my profile page to see what was going on and I can't find my old avatar (the original starship Enterprise), so I replaced it. It's still gone.

Is anyone else having this problem?

What Food Have You Wanted to Try?

For me:

Bubble and Squeak

Probably more, but it's all I can think of right now.

I Had an Idea of Who the Leaker Is

Somebody hacked PINO's phone. They are listening in on everything he does.

My Prediction about the People Behind Trump

We're going to find out within a week that every sad story is a fraud. They were never harmed by the ACA. They are 2017's equivalent of Joe (not named Joe) the plumber (not a plumber). There have been stories already about people who turned out to be relatives of politicians who whined about how their healthcare costs went up - only to find out later that they received government funded insurance.

Websites That Have Video Autoplay But Should NOT

This is a rant about a new pet peeve that has become prevalent lately: autoplay videos on websites.

Only YouTube should do that because the entire purpose is videos and you expect it to play. When I access a news story, I want the option of starting the video myself when I am ready for it or just reading the text.

There are websites that start up videos automatically and they should not. It is so bad that I have quit going to them. The worst offenders are the ones who put a playing video in view no matter where you scroll. I should not have to delete it to stop it.

Alternet (terrific and interesting articles, but they have autoplay and obtrusive ads that have gotten to bad that they don't even load completely on wireless. The last straw was the time when THREE videos with sound were playing at the same time!)
TV Guide
Many local news webpages

Feel free to whine with me about this or add your own complaint about bad behavior of websites.
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