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Bill USA

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Quotes I like: "Prediction is very difficult, especially concerning the future." "There are some things so serious that you have to laugh at them.” __ Niels Bohr Given his contribution to the establishment of quantum mechanics, I guess it's not surprising he had such a quirky of sense of humor. ......................."Deliberate misinterpretation and misrepresentation of another's position is a basic technique of (dis)information processing" __ I said that

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Hillary on Trump: "How can anybody lose money running a casino?"


[font size="3"]
"What little we know of his economic policies would be running up our debt, starting trade wars, letting Wall Street run wild, all of that could cause another crash and devastate working families and our country," [/font]the Democratic candidate told an audience at the Service Employees International Union's annual convention in Detroit. [font size="3"]"Trump economics is a recipe for lower wages, fewer jobs, more debt. He could bankrupt America like he's bankrupted his companies. I mean, ask yourself, how can anybody lose money running a casino? Really. "[/font]

Clinton remarked that she hears from families "every day" about what a Trump presidency would mean for immigrants living and working in the United States, particularly those in mixed-status families where children were born in the country but parents are perhaps undocumented. "We're talking about real people," Clinton said.

[font size="3"]“He’s talking about sending a deportation force to schools, workplaces and homes to round up moms, dads, grandparents, even children. When he talks about ending birthright citizenship, he’s talking about kicking children who are born here out of the only country they know," [/font]she said, referring to Trump's remarks in an interview with MSNBC's "Morning Joe" last November.

I would like to point out and praise a Bernie supporter for a positive appeal for his candidate

I just read a remarkable post and I would like to [strike]compliment[/strike] praise the author for posting a positive appeal for support of Bernie Sanders devoid of any of the McCarthyist anti-Hillary innuendo and baseless charges of nefarious activities by Hillary Clinton that we have come to expect on this forum.

Here is the post: Here's why I still think Bernie Sanders should be the nominee

I applaud your positive appeal for Bernie's candidacy, devoid of McCarthyist character assassination of Clinton.

I would like to point out one problem with the case you are making for Sanders. That is that Clinton has a much larger popular vote than Sanders. Real Clear Politics has the popular vote totals for the primaries at

12,989,134 for Clinton and 9,957,889 for Sanders. there are those who argue Bernie did better in caucus states. But even if you convert those caucus %s to popular votes, Clinton still comes out way ahead.

you said that Clinton -
"has struggled against a no-name, independent, democratic socialist mostly because he is being honest and unapologetic about fielding a platform that pretty much defines progressive goals."

I think you have discounted the effect of the two to three decade disinformation war on both Clintons - especially, the 8 Benghazi Political show trials of Hillary - for programming the thoughts and impressions of those who either can't or won't think critically for themselves. Unfortunately, this McCarthyist campaign against Clinton has been quite successful with the impressionable and easily lead. I think it's very obvious, that this campaign of innuendo and false claims of multitudinous nefarious activities (always implied never proven) has hurt Clinton. All this makes me wonder if Democracy can survive a Republican party totally opposed to government of, by and for the people when their is much money (and ersatz status) to be made from being whores for Corporate Feudalist system they are working to achieve . .. and with such large numbers of people who are so easily bamboozled.

But again, it is certainly a breath of fresh air to see a positive appeal for Bernie that is not based on character assassinations of Clinton and charges of hypothetical crimes she is supposed to have committed.

I applaud you for that!

Study: Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump, gets the most negative media coverage - VOX.com


The biggest news outlets published more negative stories about Hillary Clinton than any other presidential candidate — including Donald Trump — from January 2015 to April 2016, according to an analysis of hundreds of thousands of online stories.

Clinton has not only been hammered by the most negative coverage but the media also wrote the smallest proportion of positive stories about her, reports Crimson Hexagon, a social media software analytics company based out of Boston.

Data from Crimson Hexagon; graphic by Vox's Javier Zarracina

An analysis from Crimson Hexagon shows Hillary Clinton getting the most negative coverage of the presidential candidates. The data is based on hundreds of thousands of online news stories published since January 1, 2015.

Of course, these numbers are just one way of looking at media bias in the presidential campaign. For instance, while the press has hit Clinton more frequently, Crimson Hexagon also found that it's paid much more attention to her than to Bernie Sanders. And, by design, this kind of analysis may overlook other ways the press can hurt a candidate — like Sanders — by downplaying or dismissing his or her chances.

Still, Sanders's supporters have widely accused the media of being in the tank for Clinton. And these numbers suggest that perception may not square with reality.

Congressional Republicans reject robust response to Zika threat - Maddow Blog - Steve Benen

.. Same old, same old: Republicans showing what irresponsible jackasses they are.


The more serious the public health threat posed by the Zika virus, the less serious congressional Republicans are about addressing it.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a Republican-backed bill Wednesday night to combat the Zika virus that the White House has already threatened to veto as inadequate.

The bill, sponsored by Rep. Hal Rogers, R-Kentucky, chairman of the Appropriations Committee, would provide $622 million to fight the virus – less than a third of what President Barack Obama asked for three months ago.

A Senate bill, which is already inadequate, plans to invest $1.1 billion, well short of the $1.9 billion the administration and public-health experts believe is necessary.

Because the House and Senate passed a very different bill, there will now be a conference committee to work out the differences. By some accounts, it may be “well into the summer, or even longer” before Congress approves a final bill.

I’m sure the virus will do us all a favor and wait while Republicans try to get their act together.

Sen. Sanders, rein in your supporters: Our view - USA Today


Sen. Sanders, rein in your supporters: Our view - USA Today


Angry that Nevada Democratic Party officials wouldn’t change the rules to favor Bernie Sanders, his supporters all but rioted in the hotel ballroom where the convention was held Saturday night — yelling, throwing chairs and later texting and phoning death threats to state party Chair Roberta Lange.

Sanders' supporters booed Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., and seemed so out of control that Boxer said she feared for her safety. Security officials shut the convention down when they felt they could no longer guarantee the security of the participants.

Even worse than the entitled tantrums of Sanders’ supporters, though, was the reaction of the candidate himself. He issued a statement that sanctimoniously lectured party officials about the importance of his campaign and gave short shrift to the violence committed by his supporters.


Sanders accuses party officials of rigging the election process against him, so it’s little surprise that his angry supporters lashed out against those same officials the way they did. It’s up to the candidate to be absolutely clear to even his most rabid supporters that there are lines no one should cross. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said Sanders’ response would be a “test of leadership.” It was, and Saunders failed.


Few things would help Republicans more than a violent, out-of-control Democratic convention in Philadelphia this summer like the one in Chicago that helped elect Richard Nixon as a law-and-order GOP candidate in 1968. Democrats had better hope that what happened in Vegas stays in Vegas.

Lies, Incorporated: The World of Post-Truth Politics


In today’s post-truth political landscape, there is a carefully concealed but ever-growing industry of organized misinformation that exists to create and disseminate lies in the service of political agendas. Ari Rabin-Havt and Media Matters for America present a revelatory history of this industry—which they've dubbed Lies, Incorporated—and show how it has crippled legislative progress on issues including tobacco regulation, public health care, climate change, gun control, immigration, abortion, and same-sex marriage. Eye-opening and indispensable, Lies, Incorporated takes an unflinching look at the powerful network of politicians and special interest groups that have launched coordinated assaults on the truth to shape American politics.

Benghazi Committee Chair (Trey Gowdy "Doodie") gives away the game

(all emphases my own)

As the House Republicans’ Benghazi committee enters its third year, no one seems to be able to explain exactly why the partisan panel still exists, when it’ll wrap up, or even why it was created in the first place.

Quotes like this one, published by USA Today, raise questions anew about this pointless waste of time and resources.

There was nothing the military could have done on the night of Sept. 11, 2012, to stop the attacks in Benghazi, Libya, but the special House committee investigating the terrorist incident will continue to probe the Pentagon’s actions that night, the committee’s chairman said Tuesday.

“Whether or not they could have gotten there in time, I don’t think there is any issue with respect to that. They couldn’t,” Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., told Fox News.

[font size="+1"]Wait, hold on. As regular readers know, the whole point of the right-wing conspiracy theory is built around the idea that the military could’ve done more to intervene in Benghazi the night of the September 2012 attack, but it didn’t for political reasons. It’s the basis for the ridiculous “stand down” nonsense right-wing activists have pushed for years without proof.[/font]

Military leaders, the State Department, and multiple congressional investigations all concluded that the conspiracy theory is wrong, but House Republicans don’t care, which is why they created a committee, led by Trey Gowdy, to tell conservatives what they want to hear.


The panel’s ranking Democrat, Maryland’s Elijah Cummings, said in a statement, [font size="+1"]“Chairman Gowdy has finally admitted what we have all known for years. The central Republican allegation that the military was told to withhold assets that could have saved lives in Benghazi for political reasons was wrong.”[/font]

for President: Clinton .59; Trump .49; Sanders .06 -- PredictIt


Bernie Sanders under fire after Nevada convention chaos - MsNBC


Bernie Sanders is remaining defiant in the face of calls from Democratic leaders to condemn unrest fomented by his supporters following the Nevada Democratic State convention Saturday night.

Sanders supporters threw chairs, started fights, and booed officials — including a top Sanders surrogate — at the convention in Las Vegas, which was the final step in allocating Nevada’s delegates to the Democratic National Convention. The supporters felt the party had conspired against them to tip the scales in favor of Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton.

After the convention, the party’s headquarters were vandalized with pro-Sanders graffiti and the chairwoman of the party received threatening text messages, phone calls, and social media posts.

“I’ve got, threats to my family, to my grandson, to my husband,” chairwoman Roberta Lang told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Tuesday. “They have attacked my workplace and they have said very awful things.”

But in a statement issues Tuesday afternoon, Sanders was hardly apologetic.

While the senator condemned “any and all forms of violence, including the personal harassment of individuals,” that comment was placed in the third paragraph of his statement, while the rest of it seemed to blame the Nevada Democratic Party for the unrest.
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