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Member since: Thu Apr 29, 2010, 02:31 PM
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Do the math.

Monuments Men

How disappointing. Thin plot, barely carried by an anemic script. A bunch of very good actors going through the motions. I want my money back.

Guide To Restricting Democracy

Hey boss, I won't be in today ...

But the People were not intimidated ... and they prevailed.

(If you hadn't heard, Dane County (Wisconsin) Judge John Markson dismissed charges against political dissidents arrested during Scott Walker’s failed crackdown on unauthorized singing in the Wisconsin State Capitol. The arrests were ruled unconstitutional.)

I'll be darned. Maybe I'm religious and just didn't know it.

This planet does not need more "successful" people.

Pure American? No, I think not.

Clint Eastwood used a Heimlich to save the director of the Pebble Beach golf tournament.

Not sure if this is why they changed the pairings to put Clint in the same foursome as Peyton Manning.

The Monument Men were a real U.S. Army group called the Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives Section

Cross-post from GD


Boell was not in Germany to fight or carry a weapon, he was a Monuments Man. The little-known U.S. Army group called the Monuments, Fine Arts and Archives Section, or MFAA, is now getting the Hollywood treatment in a film starring George Clooney and Matt Damon. "The Monuments Men" opens Friday.

Originally a group of 30 men who were drafted from the ranks of art historians, librarians, archivists and museum directors, the Monuments Men grew to more than 300 men and women who were sent to Europe to search for, restore and repatriate art looted by the Nazis, as well as preserve documents, art and architectural treasures.


"We're so used to thinking about people serving in combat but we sort of forget war has other components, that there were all sorts of things going on in addition to combat," said David Null, director of UW-Madison's Archives. "There's been a lot of interest about repatriation of art stolen from Jewish families. So it's interesting to acknowledge that (the Monuments Men) had an important role."

Before World War II, Boell, a Nebraska native, had been state director of the national historical records survey, a WPA project in Wisconsin. He spent much of the war at the National Archives in Washington, D.C., as the assistant director of the War Records Office, handling the preservation of highly classified State Department records. In 1945 he became a Monuments Man, serving as an archives officer in Germany and participating in the Nuremberg Trials.

I'm looking forward to seeing the movie tonight. I didn't know it was based on a real group, or that so many in the group had ties to Wisconsin.
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