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Member since: Thu Nov 4, 2010, 10:31 AM
Number of posts: 16,184

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The Creepy Cull of DU's Black Voices

This has got to fucking stop.

It has become patently obvious over the last year that Democratic Underground's African-American members are under attack. Some are Clinton supporters, some are O'Malley supporters, and some are Sanders supporters, but they are all being targeted by people who are uncomfortable hearing their voices, even in supposedly progressive circles.

Bravenak has been alert stalked, called a "race nagger", talked down to, insulted, and threatened offline.

1StrongBlackMan has been alert stalked, insulted, punished for daring to call out a blatantly racist troll, called a "self-absorbed nigger", and told to "go back to Africa."

ChitownKev has been alert stalked and silenced for having the audacity to confront insulting behavior from his fellow Sanders supporters.

Many others have been intimidated and silenced, and driven away from DU.

African-American Clinton supporters have had their support explained by "stupidity", "not doing their research", or the psychological damage of "Stockholm Syndrome."

The same African-American Clinton supporters have also been labeled "house niggers."

Members who have carried out a number of these attacks are still posting. This intolerance, aggression, and unconscionable bigotry has no place here.




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