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Member since: Sat Jan 8, 2011, 03:42 AM
Number of posts: 3,121

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James Holmes sentence will be 7pm EST according yahoo breaking news banner.

Rachel is going to talk about the "kids table" debate. Fox is trying to comtrol the primaries.

They did do a shitty job on this debate. I don't like the GOP candidates but this is just rude.

Huckabee just said he would use the 5th amendment to protect fetus lives...

He also said he used the 14th which is far reaching but is the amendment to use BUT the 5th amendment?

After Watching The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders show I am sick.

Yeah, I like looking at a nice looking woman (I am not trying to be sexists.) My wife looking for something to watch stop for a few minutes on that show.

The way those "coaches" talk to those women and what they deem to be fat just make me wonder why a woman would put herself through that.

15 Foods That Are Banned in Europe but Not in the U.S.


It is scary what we are ingesting.

So is Mark Hamill being "inappropriate" or Damn Funny?

Came across this article. I personally liked the way Mark signed these autographs,


Mark Hamill signed these real Star Wars trading cards in very inappropriate ways

Take a look see and tell me if they are funny or what?

I would love one of these.

‘I can’t breathe': Man runs into jail lobby seeking help but dies after deputies pile on him instead


A man who ran into a Dallas County jail screaming for help ended up dying when Sheriff’s deputies piled on top of him and handcuffed him Saturday, WFAA reports.

The 47-year-old man, who has not been identified yet, apparently parked his car at the county jail and ran in screaming that his wife was out to kill him. But instead of helping him, witnesses told WFAA that deputies took him to the ground and handcuffed him. One had his knee on the man’s neck.

“They had him in handcuffs, he wasn’t fighting back, he wasn’t, not letting them restrain him, he was saying, ‘I can’t breathe, I can’t breath,'” witness April Berryhill told the station. “One of the officers had him down on the ground with his knee on his neck.”

Dallas County deputies said they were “simply trying to calm him down,” reports WFAA’s Sebastian Robertson.

This is out of control. The police cannot be trusted for help.

Reports are Cecil's brother Jeracho has been shot dead by a hunter.


A lion named Jericho, who is known as Cecil the Lion's brother, is feared dead in Zimbabwe today amid conflicting reports about the lion's fate.

The Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force, which is not an official government agency, told ABC News Jericho was shot and killed today at Hwange National Park.

However, a lion researcher told the Associated Press that Jericho's satellite collar has been sending normal signals indicating he is moving around.

"It is with huge disgust and sadness that we have just been informed that Jericho, Cecil's brother has been killed at 4pm today," the Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force said in a Facebook post. "We are absolutely heart broken."


If you are in a disagreement with someone defending the "Hunting Dentist". Try this point.

I was having this same debate with someone and my wife tried of the debate said this:

"Imagine someone got your cat out of your house then as the cat was eating a treat this person Injuries your cat. Now your cat that has never been outside is hurt, bleeding and running scared and that person then "tracks" your cat to kill it.

1) this person isn't a "true" hunter.

2) You would be as outraged as people are about Cecil.

Anyone watching Rachel Maddow? Gitmo and possible link with several cancer deaths.

This is just freaky.
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