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Member since: Sat Jan 8, 2011, 04:42 AM
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Grumpy Cat's Worst Christmas Ever

My wife watched it. She liked it.

She liked the way it poked fun of itself, the whole Grumpy success and lifetime itself.

She enjoy looking at grumpy for most of the movie (had Jim Henson made double at times.)

THanks everyone for letting me vent the last few posts. Sorry I haven't been around enough to answer or thank everyone in person...we are grateful for the support.

Anyone dare to say they watched it... or found it more enjoyable than some of the other season movie offerings?

Could I ask for good vibes more for my wife.

It has been wild year for my wife and I.

My grandmother (94 and in failing health ) passed away and that same week. My Step-mom's mother passed away (she was 90 I believe). My wife was trying to be a rock for me and as helpful as she could be to my family.

My grandmother left us money and we got our condo. (we own it outright --THanks Grandma)

My wife took a brave step moving away from her mother's home town (we are only an hour away from her mother--who didn't want us to go).

We lost one cat Brody after moving down and before moving to our home.
This cat was my wife's shadow. Constantly following my wife or laying next to her.

My mother thought she might have had a stroke and my wife stayed with her in Pittsburgh since my boss wouldn't let me off. She ended up having a minor injury but because she was on aspirin routine because of past strokes she basically had bleeding on the head. ( she had hit her head on the tub as she was rinsing her hair.)

My brother ended up having emergency surgery and again my wife was there to help my brother who eventually just didn't want anyone because he was so bad (He is making a full recovery... he is home and getting better.)

Then my mother's mom passed away.

Now this morning we had to rush another cat to the vet just to put him down.

I just want this year to end. I am afraid my wife is going to come to me one day and say she wants to move back because all this place has been is a bunch of sadness.

We had to put Snowy the Cat down today.

He seemed okay. Last night it was like he was trying to cough up a fur ball with that noise he makes but this morning he wasn't breathing right. He was gasping for breath. so we rushed him up and vet took an x-ray.

He was filled with fluid. in his lungs and between his ribs an body wall.

Who will take the pledge? My wife has begun her yearly pledge. She will not shop retail

Thanksgiving Day and she will not shop those retail stores that opened on Thanksgiving throughout the Christmas shoppings days.

She says we are seeing America dividing into two Americas. Those who have the privilege of Thanksgiving and those who no longer have THanksgiving as a holiday because they have to work.

Who will join my wife?

Okay-- sorry to sound like an idiot but exactly how did this whole Bill Cosby thing unfold.

I do want to say I am sorry. My wife and I have been dealing with a lot a things: Both working. My Grandmother past this weekend ( that is Grandma number 3-- My Dad's mom and my Stepmom's Mom passed earlier this year.) my wife's mother had hip surgery on her other hip with now has made it difficult for her to walk because the first surgery she had 13 years ago the doctor broke her leg while putting in the hip and placed 2 bands on her bone to fix the issue. Well, after the surgery she ended up depending on the other leg more than people realized. (my wife had a clue but after the surgery she realized it when her mom couldn't walk). anyways needless to say my wife and I are just getting back to a normal level and we hear this about Bill Cosby and if someone can please give us the major facts. it will help us--or my wife understand this all better.

She did google and yahoo the thing and so much junk came up.

so a kind of jumping off point would be helpful.

Fear and Ignorance was what cost the election for the Democrats not liberals as some want to blame.

IF people would bother to actually watch the campaign ads this year especially in VERY key battle ground state the Republican/528 ads preyed on peoples fears just like the republicans did after 9/11. ISIS is beheading Americans so we need to have strong leaders who won't let ISIS behead us here.

The ignorance factor is clear.... They used Ebola as a weapon. look on this board we have people who believe you can catch ebola just by sitting next to someone who was over in an effected country and even though they are not showing symptoms they are dangerous.

We have a nation that in general wants everything spoon feed. They don't want to have to think because they are busy worrying about reality TV celebrity.

As long as America acts out of fear and without a brain we will see these major victories

But if it makes you feel better go ahead and blame liberals like my wife--she's a big girl and can take it.

Quick update on my wife and the new job.

Well, (not to jinx her) she seems to be doing very well. She is catching on VERY quickly. They are starting to teach her things that they had thought they hold off on teaching her until next week.

So my wife asked the first day sitting and talking to the supervisor she asked if she was filling in for someone until they come back.

The supervisor was completely floored. He thought she was hired and that was it. So he said he'd asked his supervisor about it. The next day when she came in he assured her that they could extend her time with them.

Wife is taking it as a good sign. Supervisor also explained that the Company uses staffing companies a lot but they have switch hires from staffing payroll to the company staffing.

So my wife is really enjoying herself learning a lot and is hoping it will lead to a permit position with the company. Because she wants vacation time and all that.

From what she is gathering one person held her position before she got it. The company must have done a direct hire and that person seemed to have messed everything up so badly they had issues digging out of the jam.

My wife is getting the idea that they said 5-9 months to make sure that issue doesn't arise. It turns out the info my wife is handling can effect productivity for the company so that job isn't done well and it puts co workers and other in a stand still and back up.

So any suggestions or advise to get the company to like her so they keep her and switch her onto their payroll ( so she can get the paid holidays and build up vacation and personal time. Yeah, it may sound selfish of my wife but if the company's staff is paid when they shut down for a holiday and because she is with a staffing company my wife doesn't she feels left out.)

So my wife starts the temp data entry job.... any words of advice or don't dos to help with success?

is this a good chance this could lead to something permit or should she accept it as good experience and hope the next job is permit?

In horror of Halloween: Who here believes in Ghost/Live or have lived in a haunted house?

I need handy man's knowledge here. The condo my wife and I bought looks like apartments

two building side by side with 4 condo's in each. We are on the second floor. the upstairs condo have the furnaces in the "attic" crawlspace. My wife is often hearing knocking sounds.

Is it possible she is hearing the furnaces for both places (more the next door neighbors since our condo is warm with little need for the furnace to kick on.) that sounds like knocking. Not to mention it is raining.

I think she needs to turn off the Ghost stories....
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