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Can a company legally hold a person's last pay check?

A cousin of mine started working for a company with a high turn over rate. She went to the first day of orientation about a month ago and in her orientation packet there was a paper she had to sign stating that if she quit or was fired during her first 6 months of work she would pay the company back for the physical, drug test and training.

She felt compelled to sign it but it hasn't sat right with her and now as she is working for the company some of things she is seeing and some of the things done by "higher ups" has her really questioning why she took the job.

Can this paper she felt she had to sign really be held to it or is this type of agreement or is it illegal

Finally back online. Lots of news. Some good. Some bad. Updates on Brody the Cat.

Well, it took a few months but my wife and I spent our first night in the condo we bought. We signed papers on Friday got our furniture moved in Saturday and we just got set up with internet today

I think my wife was going to go insane without the internet.... She has jokingly said the Internet is like a drug...( she means no disrespect to those battling serious additction. )

Anyways: It is with great sadness that I need to report that we had to put down Brody the cat about 3 weeks ago.

He was constantly eating begging and even getting into the garbage for food. At one point he jumpped onto a counter and took my wife's hot dog out of her bun. He had began throwing up after he ate and when my wife was petting him one day she felt a lump in his throat. We had been told if lumps came back it was a sign that he cancer.

So my wife took him to a vet in this area and found out he had dropped in weight he had lost the weight he had gain before we left for Washington and dropped down to 6.5 lbs. My wife was crushed so badly.

The vet who only knew about the case from what she was told was very kind and supportive gave my wife all the options available. She made the choice not to see him suffer any longer. She told me she honestly thought Brody wasn't suffering until we saw him throwing up the last few days before he was put down. I guess since we saw him everyday we didn't see the weight lose and yeah the fact we felt his bones had us worried that he wasn't gaining weight but my wife thought maybe the move and stress of a new apartment or town might have been the cause. She was hoping that he was maintaining the weight ( thought it was a few ounces) he had gain and we never expected he had lost so much.

My wife cried all that day and even stated in a text that she killed her best friend. I comfort her stating we did what was best for him.

But I am finally back online and wanted to mainly thank all of you who supported and was concerned about Brody.
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