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Vent: Those two board members. partly my fault too.

My wife works from 3- 12. I work 11 - 7. I wake up and get an envelop from the condo assoc. I don't look at it fully because I have other things to do but I see it is a budget for 2015. I put it down not going through all of it and do as my wife requested --clean out the fridge and take garbage out so we can get ready for a possible snow storm this weekend and also get ready for work.

Wife gets home looks a little more at the papers and behind the budget sheets is a paper how things like grease oil and hair EVEN KITTY LITTER down drains can cause damage to pipes. My wife read that and she is upset. She is calling them sick and sadistic women. She called me at work crying.

Dear kitten.

please tell me this is a joke-- O-Kern-Homa


O-Kern-Homa, Where the Hate Comes Sweepin' Down the Plain

Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern (R) has introduced a bill to officially change the name of the state from Oklahoma to Okernhoma. Kern stated, "By putting my name in the state's name, the people in our great state will be reminded that my opinions are more important than any one person's individual rights." Kern's latest bill joins three bills that she filed earlier: (1) a bill allowing businesses to refuse service to gay people, (2) a bill promoting gay conversion therapy, and (3) a bill penalizing anyone who issues a marriage license to a same-sex couple. Kern is considering introducing another bill which will allow any citizen to slap the face of a gay person without provocation.


Where the Heck are they finding these wack jobs?

What is your Go-To song that always makes you feel good and have you singing along and dancing.

A friend of mine just told me that the new town house complex she moved into provides for snow

removal. Not only does the plow goes thru the parking lot BUT the snow is also remove from around the cars salts the parking lots and shovel and salt all walk ways. my place a plow drives thru. My brother can do that. The salting and shoveling of the walk way is down by the husbands of the president and secretary.

Because some of you people think I am making things up let me give you the timeline

My wife and I lived in an apartment up in New Castle for 8 years. The woman who was our landlady was very good to us until she got injuried at work. Long story short she got injuried on the job had a hard time fighting and getting workman's comp long she ended up getting hooked on pain killers and well She killed herself, mother and son.


Smokey--the cat had been outside the whole week. She wouldn't answer our knocks and the day after this happen the humane society came knocking on the door saying they wanted to take smokey because it was cold outside and put him down we would not let that happen. We also had snowy another of her cats she gave us about 18 months earlier we had Brody and Stormy which were ours.

The next month --Feb-- my wife went into the hospital with the Hernia (needed emergency surgery) and then got Fungal Pneumonia it took her about 3 months just to get home and basically a year to fully recover (at least to a level before the whole thing.) During that time she was away in the hospital Stormie developed diabetes and by the time we notice something was wrong with him we lost him ( put him down.) yes, we are terrible animal owners and shouldn't have animals but I will be honest my focus was on my wife.

It took a year for the house to sell in the mean time we the estate allowed us to stay. The slum lord that bought the house destroyed it in basically 8 months. the city condemn the house and gave us 10 days to find a new place. You try doing that during Christmas.

We stayed with the slumlord place as long as we could but the roof always leaked and then mold and mushrooms started to grow in the hallway. Got a hold of a good landlord let us move it without deposit or anything. Around this time we notice a tumor on Brody's neck got it remove--it was so big we didn't have enough money to get it biopsy but the vet said those tumors are generally cancerous and if the tumor comes back it is cancer. It took Brody a while to start gaining weight back ( before surgery he was 7.9 pounds)

My grandmother passed and by this time I was sick of new castle and talked my wife into moving down to Washington PA. We found an apartment to live in and my younger brother had kick my mom out and she came to live with us in a one bedroom apart. It took a few months for the money to be release during that time we had to put Brody down. Another tumor appeared and he was down to 6.5. Snowy who was a shy cat to begin with had a hard time with this move but he took a liking to my mother and became her cat. We got the money and started looking for this place. Yes, I fell in love with this Condo and I wasn't happy with any other place I found. my mom who thanks to snowy was coming out of her depression she was in offered to take the cats in she would stay at the apartment. We had to pay for food and vet bills --which we do. With the signs saying 48 hour pet visits It would not be so bad. We see my mom a couple times a week and with the visit. I didn't think it would be bad for my wife. She agreed only because she saw how much I like the place. We are 5 min away from the cats. This pass nov my mom called saying Snowy was acting weird. Vet said he was in congestive heart failure and put him down. ( he was 13 years old.) Wife started getting depressed. I went down asking one of the women how much notice do I need to give you to have a pet visit. mention it would be a cat. woman said 2 weeks notice. 2 weeks later they came up with the only dog clause which from EVERYTHING I can read in the bylaws never mention dogs only. Then in there letter stating dogs only they also stated it was a privilege given just certain people.

Help my wife write this letter she plans on sending to everyone in the complex.

This is what she has so far:

Dear Condo Owner:

Just because a rule has stood for several years does not mean it cannot change and I am asking you help me change a current rule which does not allow condo owners to have pets living in the Condo owner’s unit. I am aware of some moving into this complex and having to re-home pets because of confusion about being allowed pets.

No we so not know most of our neighbors.

My wife is determine to write the residence every week.

Update on the condo pet issue thing. ONLY giving a one time update as a few requested.

I had EVERY intention to stay away but I got a few PMs requesting I keep them inform. I figure this is the best way to give people the update.

The Lawyer visit still has us wondering what happened. We went to see a lawyer about the pet issue considering one set of rules said pets are allow and another said dogs only and the Sec of the condo assoc wrote in her letter to us that ONLY CERTAIN PEOPLE HAD PERMISSION TO HAVE PET VISITS. We did not have that right. First the guy said we had a case then we didn't then we did and while talking to him he accused me of "dominating" him and threw us out of his office.

So My wife is going to a different way. She is going to try and change the rule. She is going for the big guns and going to change the rule that pets can't live in the units.

This is her letter that she wrote to the President and Secretary/Treasure.

This is what she sent them:
Just because a rule is in place over so many years DOES NOT MEAN IT CAN NOT BE OVER TURNED! I will fight TO MY DYING BREATH to see pet ownership—especially cat ownership is allowed. I will petition my fellow Condo dwellers every week, month, and year to help me overturn this rule.

Also you cannot post conflicting rules and decide which rules is going to fit your whims! One posting says pets while another paper says dogs only and IT IS NOT FAIR to give CERTAIN PEOPLE PERMISSION AND NOT OTHERS.

This letter is not meant as a threat just an intent to let you know my goal and if it is a long fight with the condo association I will not back down on the issue. Some issues are worth fighting for and in order for this place to feel like a home to me I need a pet(s). I did try your way without a pet but this place feels cold and lonely. I also want you to know had I been allowed to have a visit with a cat I would not even be writing this letter or taking these steps.


She also now has signs hanging on all our windows facing the parking lot which read Change the Rules.

The day we went to see the lawyer the President had the nerve to come out of her unit smiling at us like nothing was wrong and talk to us. My wife was livid she turned to the woman and in a firm tone said Do Not SPEAK to me. The woman looked down shamefully almost like she felt guilty (at least that is how I interrupted her actions)

My wife plans on writing to every owner in the two buildings that make up our condo association every week pleading her case as to why pets should be allowed.

What's even worse is that earlier this week where going to have direct TV installed. We saw one rule stating satellite dishes are allowed another stating Dish is now allowed as well. So my wife had me go down and make sure we are allowed direct TV. I specifically asked if DIRECT TV could be installed. The Secretary/Treasure said yes. Then when direct TV came and he started to look to see what type of wiring we had she started yelling at the guy that no holes can be drill. Why this psycho didn't tell me this before when I asked I didn't know.

The wires in the condo would not support direct TV without having outages. They would have to run new lines. So we couldn't do it. BUT there are a couple units with dishes. SO if they have satellite TV those lines must have been ran so I think this woman is trying to screw with us. that is the only thing I can think.

So this is the update a few of you requested. Sorry if it bothers some of you who think I am posting to much. It won't happen again.


Another issue about the Condo Association. They demanded to know who had keys to our condo. They

claimed it was in case of emergency they needed to be able to contact someone BUT I wasn't comfortable giving them this info but I was harassed until I did. We gave a set of keys to my Dad and demanded to know his name and where he lived.
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