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Question submitted by ellenrr

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Re school walk-out on March 14 (response to Parkland gun violence)

What are your thoughts?
Searching for a school to support in the March 14 walk-out (student-organized in response to gun violence), I looked for a majority Black school to support, and so far - all the schools that are listed in NJ are middle-upper class schools in well-off white neighborhoods.
What to make of this?

Over the last week, the survivors of the Parkland shooting are on every media outlet. I am glad they are.

But gun violence in the inner cities affects everyone who lives there. The trauma is fresh, multiple, chronic...
And yet when did you ever see a young person from the 'hood on the media talking about their trauma?

I have been wondering if I were a victim of gun violence in the inner city, how I would feel about the immense media coverage of the Parkland young people.
How would you?

is there a "weather" forum?

hello, I haven't been here for a while, and don't remember if the weather forum I remember was here or another location.

DNA data offer evidence of unknown extinct human relative

Traces of long-lost human cousins may be hiding in modern people’s DNA, a new computer analysis suggests.

People from Melanesia, a region in the South Pacific encompassing Papua New Guinea and surrounding islands, may carry genetic evidence of a previously unknown extinct hominid species, Ryan Bohlender reported October 20 at the annual meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics. That species is probably not Neandertal or Denisovan, but a different, related hominid group, said Bohlender, a statistical geneticist at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. “We’re missing a population or we’re misunderstanding something about the relationships,” he said.

This mysterious relative was probably from a third branch of the hominid family tree that produced Neandertals and Denisovans, an extinct distant cousin of Neandertals. While many Neandertal fossils have been found in Europe and Asia, Denisovans are known only from DNA from a finger bone and a couple of teeth found in a Siberian cave (SN: 12/12/15, p. 14).


Steve Bannon Wants To Start World War III

To Bannon, and the parade of conservatives he marshals to make his case (Newt Gingrich, Heather MacDonald, Roger Kimball, Michael Novak, and Shelby Steele all get lots of face time), the rebellions of the 1960s were all rooted in the baby-boom generation’s narcissism. Not once do racism or the Vietnam War appear as possible causes for mass movements for social change or human liberation. Instead, the left—represented by organizer Saul Alinsky and academics Frances Fox Piven and Richard Cloward—is blamed for manipulating the children of the 1960s into believing that American society was evil and that disruption of the status quo was moral. Only if you ignore the proximate causes of protest, like racism or war, can you make this sort of intellectual leap. But Bannon is just warming up.
Bannon doesn’t just believe that we are in an existential conflict with Islam or with China. It seems he wants to exacerbate those conflicts into a new world war. As a believer in Strauss and Howe’s theory of history, Bannon fantasizes that he can use that cataclysm to forge a completely new order. He is now in a position to make that a reality.


Is this a scam, an identity theft, or phishing?

Today my computer suddenly froze. A message appears that Microsoft blocked my computer, that I am infected with a virus and spyware, that my personal info is compromised, and to call this # right away.
So I call the number and -- yes I am stupid - I let the guy take over my computer.
After 30 minutes of showing me how much was wrong with my computer, he tells me for $120.00 they would fix my computer.
I decline, and hang up.

Someone else tells me to unplug and plug in my computer.
I did, and my computer now appears to be acting normally.

So I wonder how much harm I am now open to.
I have changed credit card and bank account.
The company that wanted to sell me the $120.00 service contract is

My computer is a dell desk-top, OS is Microsoft XP.

Does anyone have any suggestions how I can protect myself?
I mean from identity theft.
Is it too late?

Thank you.


Fort Lauderdale gunman was "receiving psychological treatment"

have not heard if he'd been taking antidepressants, but if he was, that could explain his actions.

Urbanisation signal detected in evolution, study shows

In a study published in 2008, researchers in France observed a rapid evolutionary change in a plant's seed size in order for it to adapt to urban life.
They found that the seeds on Crepis sancta, otherwise known as hawksbeard, were larger on specimens that lived in urban areas, when compared with the seeds from the plants growing in rural settings.
As the plant's seeds were dispersed by the wind, the researchers suggested that heavier seeds fared better because they would drop on to nearby soil, whereas the lighter seeds would be carried by the wind, resulting in them being deposited on concrete and tarmac, where it was impossible to germinate.
The speed in which this trait was expressed in the urban-dwelling plants surprised the researchers.
Professor Alberti said the changes that were observed in more than 1,600 studies were having an impact on evolution and that human activity, in the form of urbanisation, would have a lasting legacy on life on Earth.
These findings add weight to the idea that the planet is now entering an Anthropocene epoch, a geological measurement of time in which humans are having a significant global impact on the Earth's geology and ecosystems.


Alternative Children's Mental Health

It is important to understand that medical doctors, particularly psychiatrists, are taught to view a child’s behaviors through their training. That training involves a checklist of symptoms and if your child has seven or more out of twenty, for example, the doctor knows to give the child the diagnosis that fits that checklist. The treatment is usually meds. Just remember, there are many other ways to look at the situation and your doctor’s way is only one.

And also remember that the medical school he/she went to was likely heavily funded by pharmaceutical companies or the doctor gets lots of benefits from these drug companies and that could bias his/her thinking. Also, realize these same drug companies teach lots of teachers and school nurses and school districts about their meds for children and the symptoms to look for because they have found this increases drug sales.
I recall the story of a woman in a pro-psychiatry book whose daughter was put on meds for ADHD at age 13. Within a year, the girl attempted suicide so was put on stronger meds. After another year, she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and was put on stronger meds. She was still on meds in her 20s. “Thank God,” the mother wrote, “we started treating her in time.” I saw this quite differently because I have heard from so many parents and patients who were worsened by meds and were prescribed more meds as a solution. This approach has taken many people into an unnecessary hell that took years to return from.


more info: http://ericmaisel.com/
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