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Hometown: New England, The South, Midwest
Home country: USA
Current location: Chicago
Member since: Sat Mar 5, 2011, 12:32 PM
Number of posts: 17,962

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Human. Being.

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Tech Alert: Hackers Hijack Routers' DNS To Spread Malicious COVID-19 Apps

Posted by Slashdot (on Facebook) 30 mins ago:

From Bleeping Computer:


A new cyber attack is hijacking router's DNS settings so that web browsers display alerts for a fake COVID-19 information app from the World Health Organization that is the Oski information-stealing malware.

For the past five days, people have been reporting their web browser would open on its own and display a message prompting them to download a 'COVID-19 Inform App' that was allegedly from the World Health Organization (WHO).

After further research, it was determined that these alerts were being caused by an attack that changed the DNS servers configured on their home D-Link or Linksys routers to use DNS servers operated by the attackers.

As most computers use the IP address and DNS information provided by their router, the malicious DNS servers were redirecting victims to malicious content under the attacker's control.

"If your browser is randomly opening to a page promoting a COVID-19 information app, then you need to login to your router and make sure you configure it to automatically receive its DNS servers from your ISP," the report says.

It also recommends you set a strong password for your router and to disable remote administration.

"Finally, if you downloaded and installed the COVID-19 app, you should immediately perform a scan on your computer for malware.

Once clean, you should change all of the passwords for sites whose credentials are saved in your browser and you should change the passwords for any site that you visited since being infected."

Midday Music for Millennials -- terribletuesday

Warren Zevon. “Splendid Isolation”

D’Angelo and the Vanguard. “Another Life”

Mount Kimbie. “Made To Stray”

Snoop Dog. “Red Right Hand” cover

Nelly vs. BeeGees. “Hot in Herre, Stayin’ Alive”

MMM -- Movin'onMonday

Peace and love on the outside. Movin' on on the inside.

lower cortisol with

Ne-yo, Calvin Harris. “Let’s Go”

The Allman Brothers. “One Way Out”

The Killers. “Caution.”

Tiësto vs. Diplo. “C’mon”

Midday Music for Millennials -- Sunday

headphones recommended

Beyonce, Eddie Vedder. “Redemption Song” (cover)

CSNY. “Carry On”

Still true. From us to America.

Top to bottom. Every word.

MMM -- Stay Madder Saturday


Kaleo. “Way Down We Go”


Oh, Father tell me, do we get what we deserve?
Whoa, we get what we deserve
And way down we go
Way down we go
Say way down we go
Way down we go

You let your feet run wild
Time has come as we all, oh, go down
Yeah but for the fall, ooh, my
Do you dare to look him right in the eyes? Yeah

Oh, 'cause they will run you down, down 'til the dark
Yes and they will run you down, down 'til you fall
And they will run you down, down 'til you go
Yeah, so you can't crawl no more
And way down we go
Way down we go ...

El-P. “Up All Night”

I'm from Brooklyn, vandals bedrocks
Scandal bedlam, broken burnt up
New New York speed, new speed, true speed
Universe dirt, birds of loose leaf

Form the casbah, bring the bleeders
Sanity fist fucks, such allegiance
Born a trash maid, grew in garbage
Mutant hostage, do the knowledge

I see you all regardless
I know what lies are like
I might've been born yesterday, sir
But I stayed up all night

I see you all regardless
I know these times of fright
We might've been born yesterday, friends
But we stayed up all night, right

I'm a young man, I'm unhappy
We deserve that, dream collapsin'
I'm just one man, so damn angry
Truth confusion, scared with truthers

Hide your foil, hide your face
Say hi horsemen, higher stakes
Hi again, well, how about that?
Well, how the fuck else can I react?

I see you all regardless ...

Hell you're too preachy, you don't reach me
Right and wrong's hard, you say easy?
Okay maybe, I was normal
On some rap shit, up raw backspin

Paws collapsin', back to windmill
Innocent thrill, some old-fashioned
Moral D-Ray, I'm no different
I wish my whole still existed

From the blades, necessitate shit
Lifespan program, final digits
You're my daddy, you'll protect me
I need guidance to live correctly

I can't fight you, fear of the ether
I'm the servant, you're the teacher
What the fuck man? Oh, so sorry
That's the implant talking for me

I see you all regardless ...
We might've been born yesterday, friends
But we stayed up all night, right, right, right

!!! (chk chk chk). "Pardon My Freedom"


Oh my god, did I just say that out loud?
Should've known this was the kind of place
That that sort of thing just wasn't allowed
Should've known by the color of the drapes
(Oh, my bad, venetian blinds)
What the hell was I thinking saying exactly what's on my mind?
But I won't deny I got a dirty mouth
My mother tried, my father tried, my teachers tried
But they couldn't wash it out
And look at me now up here running my mouth
I just open it up and see what comes running out

Like I give a fuck, like I give a shit
Like I give a fuck about that shit
Like I give a fuck about that motherfucking shit

And you can tell the president to suck my fucking dick
Does that sound intelligent?
Like I give a fucking frick
Tell the FBI put me on the list because Lennon wasn't this dangerous
Call the Christians, tell them all that I'm taller than Jesus
They tore down the parking lot and put in a parking lot and what do they got?
And if you followed the plot then you know
I'm not going to give it a second thought
Yeah, let those pigs play because they'll all fucking pay
Yeah, karma's a fact, that shit'll come back someday
And I'll be like ...

Lo Fidelity Allstars. “Battleflag”


Your construction
Smells of corruption
I manipulate to recreate
This air to ground saga
Gotta launder my karma

I said hallelujah to the sixteen loyal fans
You'll get down on your mothafuckin' knees
And it's time for your sickness again
Come on and tell me what you need
Tell me what is making you bleed
We got two more minutes and
We gonna cut to what you need
So one of six so tell me
One do you want to live
And one of seven tell me
Is it time for your mothafuckin' ass to give
Tell me is it time to get down on your mothafuckin' knees
Tell me is it time to get down

I'm blown to the maxim
Two hemispheres battlin'
I'm blown to the maxim
Two hemispheres battlin'
Suckin' up, one last breath
Take a drag off of death

Hey Mr. Policeman
Is it time for getting away
Is it time for driving down the mother fuckin' road
And running from your ass today
Now tell me if do you agree
Or tell me if I'm makin' you bleed
I got a few more minutes and
I'm gonna cut to what you need
So one of six so tell me
One do you want to live
And one of seven tell me
Is it time for your mothafuckin' ass to give
Tell me is it time to get down on your mothafuckin’ knees

Tell me is it time to get down
Got a revolution behind my eyes
We got to get up and organize ...

Come on baby tell me
Yes we aim to please

Ahh, Italians -- "Music Makes You Breathe"

Aaats amore!

Millionaire Willie Wilson Offers to Donate Thousands of Masks to Chicago's First-responders.

Good news from anywhere is some relief.

Millionaire businessman Willie Wilson offered Thursday to donate 10,000 medical masks and 1,000 more advanced “N-95” masks to the Chicago Police and Fire Departments to protect first-responders on the front lines of the city’s war against the coronavirus.

On Thursday, he offered to put the medical supply business that is a major source of his personal fortune to work for a Chicago Fire Department that already has seen a paramedic and an assistant deputy chief paramedic testing positive for the coronavirus.

In addition to the medical masks, Wilson said he has another shipment of 5,000 N-95 masks coming in next week. After delivering 4,000 of those stronger masks to his customers, he’s planning to donate the rest to the Chicago Fire Department.

N-95 masks have been in high demand during the pandemic because they filter out small particles from the air. They have long been used by construction workers, including painters, sanders and drywall contractors.

Earlier this week, Vice President Mike Pence appealed to construction companies to donate their inventory of N-95 masks to local hospitals and stop ordering new masks to ease a shortage of protective equipment at hospitals bracing for an avalanche of coronavirus patients.


Robert Reich: What's Missing From The Coronavirus Bill

The COVID-19 pandemic guarantees that we're only as healthy as the least healthy among us.

"Trump Acts Like A Disaster Movie Villain"

Even without the manipulative music, the reality of this killer president’s villainy is the same.

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