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Shooting sports advocate thinks Illinois will get conceal-carry law


When Dick Metcalf asked members of the Quincy Rotary Club whether they support a law allowing Illinois residents to carry firearms for self-defense, a large majority of those attending Tuesday's Rotary meeting raised their hands.

That public sentiment is part of the reason Metcalf believes the state will have some form of conceal-carry legislation within two years.

"We stand as the lone, single example against all of the rest of the states in the United States ... without the citizen right to carry firearms. That pretty much says it all. We're kind of behind the times," said Metcalf, president of PASA, the Pike-Adams Sportsman's Alliance.
He said much of the opposition to gun rights in Illinois has come from political leaders in the Chicago area.

Quincy Alderman Mike Rein, R-5, added that Chicago is often called the murder capital of the nation, in part, because only criminals carry guns in the city.

Better late than never. Illinois is the ONLY state in the union that doesn't have some kind of legal way for citizens to carry concealed firearms for self-protection. You can even carry in NYC, if you have the right connections, but no one but cops and bad guys can carry in Illinois right now. That needs to come to an end. Citizens need a way to be lawfully armed outside of their homes as a deterrent to violent criminals.

Illinois needs to get legal concealed carry licensing and it needs to be shall issue.

Seattle Store owner plans to purchase firearm after living through armed robbery


Police say a masked man walked into Victory Grocery Monday at roughly 9:45 p.m. and demanded money from an employee.

As the robber was fumbling with the cash register, the store's owner, Gemere Amara, came storming out of a back room armed with a 2x4. Amara charged at the robber, who turned around and ran for the door.

"I got a stick because he had a gun," Amara said. "I just, you know, (wanted to) protect myself."

After chasing him out of the store and down the street, police say the robber fired two shots at Amara. Luckily, both missed.
He also said he's going to buy a gun in the near future.

I guess you shouldn't bring a 2x4 to a gun fight, but it sounds like this store owner sure came out on top. Wisely, he is planning to purchase a firearm in the near future to protect himself.

The only true weapon is the mind, everything else is a tool. Even a 2x4 can work in a pinch, but a personal firearm is the most effective choice for self-defense. I'm happy this store owner has seen the light in this regard.

Aggressive Burglar stopped by Armed Homeowner. Don't mess around in TX at night.


The homeowner told police he heard the sound of breaking glass about 6 a.m., and, armed with a pistol, walked outside his home to investigate.

A man, identified by Houston police as Kyle Miller Jones of Pearland, then confronted the homeowner, police said. Jones was standing in the driveway at the home in the 11500 block of Misty Glen Lane at Vanderford, next to homeowner’s vehicle, police said.

The homeowner said the vehicle had a broken window and that the intruder was armed with a shovel.

When Jones turned toward the homeowner, police said, the homeowner shot him several times.

I figure that criminals would get the idea that messing around in TX at night is a terrible life decision. In TX, you can use deadly force to protect property at night. It seems the would-be burglar wanted a little more action than your average smash and grab when he approached the homeowner with shovel in hand. Sadly, the burglar did not survive the encounter.

Atlanta, GA: Home Invasion Thwarted by Armed Homeowner


Police say an occupant of the home opened fire on at least two men who broke into his townhome at the Regency Park Apartments shortly before 11 p.m. Thursday.

CBS Atlanta reports (http://bit.ly/QHnxmE) that the suspects fired back at the home's occupant.

Authorities say the man and two suspects were hit multiple times in the gunfire.

Police said the suspects ran from the home and collapsed about 70 yards away.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2012/08/31/4775216/home-invasion-leads-to-gun-battle.html#storylink=cpy

When seconds count the police are only minutes away. : (

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