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canuckledragger's Journal
canuckledragger's Journal
May 6, 2022

With the recent R vs W outrage, I offer up this protest video.

The focus of the song is a little different, but the rage is the same.

I stand with all those that will be negatively affected by this betrayal.

Time to tell the right wing facsists in the SCROTUS...fuck you I won't do what you tell me.

December 15, 2021

So it's Christmas again...

And it's just not a good time for for the last decade or so.

From loved, but abused relatives that died around this time under questionable circumstances, to pretentious, hypocritical friends, family and associates that think it's all about the stuff you've got, or buying people's affections with gifts. (with strings attached, like my alcoholic parents do)

This isn't a good time of year for me, and I tend to isolate more than usual to keep my sanity...with the problem being that isolation tends to come with its own brand of insanity if kept up too long.

I cut myself off from most relatives long ago, seeing most of them, on either side are either alcoholics/addicts of some kind, or their enablers, projecting their own bad behaviour and attitudes on myself and others. I'm the one that wouldn't put up with the behaviour directed at me so I became the bad one, the scapegoat. And learned the hard way that the way to win their game is not to play it, and cut contact...because I'll never be free of the role they've assigned me.

I just can't be around that kind of thing anymore, as it literally enrages me, doubly so if it's in a working environment.

This is the first time I've created an original post about this kind of thing on this forum, with the others just being responses to others. But I'm feeling a little more... screwy lately, thanks to lot of health and work issues recently, argument with a close childhood friend that's gotten a LOT more conservative lately, along with the judgemental, factless-based attitudes that come with it.

That's what's happening lately, and just trying to find other ways to deal with it all, as the depression is feeling a little strong.

October 25, 2020

So going along with the theme of disrespect I've been posting...

Here's another middle finger to the US conservative republican leadership driving the country into the ground.

Lily Allen, with an updated LIVE version of the song she originally made for Dubya, this time dedicated to Trump.

Fuck you, Trump.


arg...DU won't let me start the video halfway through. The song itself starts at around 3:05
October 24, 2020

Vote that f---er out!

This was a video released just before the Canadian election that got rid of our own wannabe fascist dictator, Stephen Harper, a few years back.

I figured you folks would like the song...
June 18, 2014

Harper doesn't give a shit what us peons think.

Or our health once the inevitable spill happens.

He only cares who the highest bidder is he can sell our natural resources off to.

The North American governments will never meaningfully adopt any alternative, renewable energy sources on the large scale, so it's up to us individually to adopt measures on the small scale and reduce centralized energy dependence.

If the demand isn't there, neither are the profits and the power that goes with it.

September 4, 2013

This kind of thing isn't going to stop

Until people take matters into their own hands and riot against thugs like this.

I'm not advocating violence, but pointing out that nothing seems to keep cowards like this in check.

Barely anything happens to bad cops, they rarely get the discipline/firing/financial repercussions they deserve for actions like this and there's not enough of the 'good' cops standing up against this kind of abuse.

That being said...I believe cops like this will continue to abuse their 'authority' and people will figure they have nothing left to lose BUT to stand up to them anyway they can.

To avoid this, I think a special kind of reform is in order. Fire the cops that have a history of unneeded violence, psychological screening and the like to get rid of and keep the sociopaths away (I'd advocate for screenings at least twice a year for cops on duty as well) as well as random drug testing by 3rd parties. Mandatory cameras with sound and video on both cop and vehicle, with recordings stored offsite with a neutral party to prevent tampering, etc.

Cops like this have abused their 'authority' for far too long, it's time for some drastic measures to reign them in. They've EARNED it.

August 25, 2012

At the risk of sounding a little like Glen Beck

going off on a "Hitler!!" "Nazis!!" rampage...

..It's been shown that Harper HAS been tied to neo-nazi & white supremacist groups in the past.

I would assume that he could care less if info was gained from torture or not...It's not like morality or ethics would be an issue for him.

Mr. Harrison documents in the book entitled Of Passionate Intensity, that Prime Minister Stephen Harper was a member of the ultra-right wing Northern Foundation in 1989. Mr. Harrison documents that this Foundation was comprised of Neo-Nazi social Darwinist intellectuals.

Stephen Harper was Reform Party Policy chief, at a time when it had numerous members of the white supremacist group Heritage Front as members. Trevor Harrison, further documents that Mr. Harper even had Heritage Front members doing security for Preston Manning at Reform Party events in Ontario. The Reform Party would evolve into the Alliance Party of Canada, which sought to take over the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada (PC Party) toward the formation of the “Conservative Party of Canada”.

When Stephen Harper was a member of the ultra-right-wing Northern Foundation in 1989, Mr. Harrison documents that this was a group that had numerous Neo-Nazi skinheads as organizers, as well as a leadership that included a well-known white supremacist and anti-feminist crusader as a prominent leader that sought to take over the mass-media to enable the fulfillment of a right wing agenda.

Is the behaviour of the CPC any surprise to anyone now that you know THIS little bit of info?

August 11, 2012

to put it plainly..

He can't defend it.

He's terrified to release those returns with my suspicion being he'd spark french revolution style backlash.

He may or may not of pioneered some of the income tax evading tricks (& maybe quite a few illegal ones, plus possible partnerships with businesses & such on the 'do not deal with on penalty of treason' list)

He may not have started some of those tricks but sure as hell took them to extremes & probably taught his buddies how to do the same, with NO consideration (or care) as to what the ripple effect would be for anyone else not not born with a platinum spoon in his mouth like he was. Social contract be damned...he never signed anything for that!

I remember a few posts here & elsewhere claiming that there are 10's of trillions of dollars hiding in offshore, tax free havens for the ultra-rich that can afford the army of accountants & lawyers to hide it for them.

I want to see leeches like him & all the dirty little financial tricks that vampires like him use to get out of paying their fair share.

As Obama SHOULD have said, "you didn't build that" BY YOURSELF.

I think of all the tax breaks, subsidies, public resources, etc. & most importantly the work done by EMPLOYEES that goes into building a company, regardless of industry.

With offshore accounts not subject to U.S. law, (or any other's laws for that matter) that means that ANYONE, in any country is able to pull the same shit he does & shift the burden onto the REAL tax-paying public's of said countries, while the vampires make off with all the loot & the ones that got them those riches left to...well...die. (not so extreme a statement considering all the efforts by the ultra-rich to limit health care, worker safety, living wages, etc.)

I really hope Harry Reid has access to those tax returns & eventually finds a way to release them. It's about time for change. REAL change. change that benefits not just the U.S., but other countries as well.

August 9, 2012

I recently posted a challenge about gay marriage/rights to an atheist discussion site

it's the reddit atheism page, taking a stab at the Chick-Fil-A controversy.

the full page is here:


it started off as comments made about this pic:

where I was arguing with someone about the 'protest' by folks that showed up were just using 'religion' & 'freedom of speech' as cover for bigotry & homophobia

After all..it DID happen after the story got national attention where the owner openly said he contributes to anti-gay hate groups, in support of 'traditional marriage' & christian values.

There's a lot of conservative/religious trolls & bigots there & they disrupt the subreddit all the time saying that anything posted with a homosexual slant has nothing to do with atheism

Considering the majority of opposition comes from from religious groups, I think it's a pretty damn good reason why someone would choose atheism.

all that aside though, the issue is this:

I wanted them to state a clear, logical argument as to why they are against gay marriage and/or gay rights, without using religion or bible passages as an excuse.

I was trying to isolate & remove the religion aspect & expose the bigotry & homophobia for what it is.

It may be a wee biased & have a preconception to it, but it was the best I came up with at the time.

A little background on myself:

I'm a 36 year old male heterosexual atheist, with gay relatives & close friends. I love 'em all equally.

My posted challenge was this:

I do want to have a serious discussion..

So I'm going to post a challenge to try to separate bigotry (or just plain distaste) from religious beliefs

I want folks that don't approve of gay marriage (or gay equality/rights) for that matter to justify in their OWN words & opinions WITHOUT using religion or bible verses as a fall back.

Calling it unnatural or whatever is not a valid reason either. that's just an opinion.

Or that it makes them feel 'icky' or uncomfortable to think about. that is not a valid logical argument.

The argument should stand on it's own merit without needing a few verses from a collection of stories written 2000 years ago in a totally different era to prop it up. (or any other 'holy' book for that matter).

I'll be waiting.


I need a sounding board or at least a few to come over there & keep things honest.

I post under the same username as I do on DU.

I also want to hear from everyone interested here, criticism & all!

June 7, 2012

It's a terrible thing using children as your army..

& something SHOULD be done about it...I'd just be wary about doing anything about it if it's connected to the the "Invisible Children" group

I haven't done research on other organizations that can help, bu this is what I found on "Invisible Children"


In 2006, Invisible Children, Inc., became an official 501(c)3 non-profit which has "financial connections to hard right Christian fundamentalist organisations, [and] is led by an evangelical Christian." There was is focused on Uganda. [1] (For a similar example of a better known evangelical Christian nonprofit, see World Vision.)


"Invisible Children, Makers of KONY2012, Spied For Ugandan Regime ---WikiLeaks"

Invisible Children, makers of KONY2012, provided an intelligence tip to Uganda's security apparatus leading to arrests of several suspected regime opponents, according to U.S. embassy cables posted by WikiLeaks.

It also diverts news attention from the fact that Gen. Museveni is fighting for his own political survival in Uganda, as opposition politicians who claim he stole the last presidential election continue their mass protests in Kampala, the capital. This week the regime banned protests by activists.

In return for the license granted him by Western powers, Museveni has contributed thousands of Ugandan soldiers -- some of whom may have participated in the war crimes in Congo and in Uganda -- for the U.S.-backed mission to stabilize Somalia, which, Washington fears, will become a haven for Al Qaeda.

Kony2012 was viewed more than 100 million times; yet it now turns out that Invisible Children may have duped a global audience by hiding the fact that it's been working closely with the Museveni regime all along, to the extent that it even shared intelligence leading to arrests of perceived or alleged regime opponents.


In October, the Obama administration announced it was sending 100 soldiers to Uganda to act as military "advisers" to Ugandan and African Union forces fighting the LRA. "I have authorized a small number of combat-equipped U.S. forces to deploy to central Africa to provide assistance to regional forces that are working toward the removal of Joseph Kony from the battlefield," Obama wrote in a letter to Congress.

But the administration isn't motivated to extend military help to the Ugandan government out of altruism. U.S. involvement comes in the context of what SocialistWorker.org contributor Lee Wengraf called "a new African land grab"--with Saudi Arabia, Japan, China, India and South Korea, as well as agribusiness and private equity firms from Europe and the U.S., buying up large tracts in a competition for farmland and biofuel sources.

Despite Invisible Children's claim to speak on behalf of Kony's child soldiers, only one such soldier appears in the video. The only other Ugandans interviewed are politicians--representatives of a U.S.-aligned government that has repressed the Acholi people. In fact, the camera spends more time on the video's white director and his child, and the white activists working with Invisible Children.

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