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Member since: Wed Apr 27, 2011, 08:34 PM
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Been using a new tact with Republicans. ie. Immigration.

Had a discussion with 3 blue collar dudes while smoking outside a hotel last week.

Immigration came up. I told them Republicans love illegal immigrants. It's cheap labor. At first they we're flabbergasted to hear it. I continued that they were using the issue to drive a wedge into the electorate. It's just used to win elections so they can cut taxes for the rich, I said. How's that last tax cut working out for you? What'd you get? $10-$30 a month? And now they wanna pay for it by cutting SS and Medicare? Wouldn't you rather have had no tax cut and know that shit is safe? Unsure murmers was the reply I got. As I finished my Marlboro, I hit em with this. If they really wanted to stop illegal immigration, they'd propose exorbitant fines and jail time on those who hire them. Problem solved. Hell, they got the majority of the Congress and the Whitehouse. They could pass that without a single Dem vote if they really wanted to stop it. That left them speechless. They were absolutely thinking about it as I walked away.
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