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Member since: Fri Jul 29, 2011, 04:28 AM
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the whole damn system is rotten to its core

the whole damn system is rotten to its core
we need reform from shore to shore

brave souls crossed the sea to escape tyranny
but brought with them their bigotry

They created laws for the common w̶h̶i̶t̶e̶ man
making rank elites was the plan

They doled out freedom, the masses to allay
and proudly stand on feet of clay

They built in a Constitution of redress
it serves the needs of the noblesse

by custom, design, and with the law in place
they keep cover over their base

vile behavior to the victims is assigned
that keeps the eyes of justice blind

wars of aggression are launched with impunity
their station gives them immunity

They rob resources from the poor to feed the rich
wealth comes from hard work is the pitch

with silver spoons they feast on lies fed to them
those in their service they must condemn.

and for those that havenít enough utility
they save the most hostility

their biggest fear is a level playing field
knowing that their power would yield

their hold on resources is with guns, germs, and steal
robbing from labor with much zeal

from a high horse they breath a rarefied air
it is but the stench of despair

And if the masses rise against oppression
they will stomp on any progression

with whips, hoses, and extrajudicial action
freedom has never gained traction

we all must be aware of the thin blue line
it hides the murderous incline

even when unarmed children lay dead in a street
we find justice wears a white sheet

just in case you haven't kept score
the whole damn system is rotten to its core
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