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Fare for All

Today I went to Fare Share, technically yesterday. Anyway I paid 35 dollars for two boxes of food that will last at least 10 days. I will have to go to the grocery store for things some things like pasta and condiments.

So this is what I made for lunch

French Bread w/mozzarella cheese melted on it

a salad

I don't know what to call it so here are the ingredients

Shredded cabbage
One apple cut up
One orange separated in wedges
a slice of red onion (could have left it out I think, but I liked it)
the juice of a fresh lemon

Brianna's Rich Poppy Seed Dressing

so that was it, it's easy to put together and mix with Brianna's dressing or make a cole slaw dressing which would be just as good IMO, but if you are vegan you can just get the ready made dressing and it has no animal product that I saw on the label.

Oh I get it now lol keep it up Camp Weather-vane.

How many Catholics are in New York

Bernie has been saying Hillary is unqualified since June 2015

The bottom line is that if Hillary was qualified Bernie, wouldn't even be running for President. He would be endorsing her as he did Jessie Jackson. He would just stay in his comfort zone in the Senate and continue to advocate for the things he is campaigning on. Running for President is hard work and we can see how hard it is when we follow Bernie's story he is in a few different places every day campaigning and giving speeches. He does a ton of interviews and during this time he had surgery. You don't do this if you think a qualified person is already running. You especially don't do it when you know that your odds of winning are slim to none. But, if you think that running will give you a platform to avert disaster then you do it because you must. Bernie has realized the disasters that Hillary has caused and will continue to cause if she gets the nomination. Starting with she could lose to the GOP. If she manages to win she will continue policies like those that allow wealthy people to not pay taxes. She will continue to let banks do what they did that created the disaster in 2008 that put people out of their homes. She will continue with bombs for bucks wars. She will continue to support bad environmental policies. She will continue to demonize the young and poor people for wanting free stuff. And she will continue to allow people to be content with the status quo even as it kills them.

I love Bob, but I don't know if I want to marry him.

On one hand it's very romantic the whole idea of commitment and death do us part. But, on the other hand Bob, seems very impractical. On our own we just don't have a whole lot to sustain us and you can't live on love alone. But, Bob is a hard worker I can see him going far and making friends in all the right places and you know the saying it's not what you know it's who you know.

Of course there are alternatives to marrying Bob. I flirted with the idea of dating Bob's cousin once. It was a disaster, Bob's cousin constantly talked about war and crushing enemies and bringing people in poverty to heel when they reacted to a very bad situation in the worst possible way, with violence. I could dig the idea of criminals going to jail and not going easy on sentencing violent criminals I really could. I don't like violence and I don't like how it destroys communities. But, it was inhumane the way Bob's cousin talked about these things and there was never any discussion on how to create opportunities for youth so that they wouldn't feel so much despair. Instead Bob's cousin would talk about hard working people to divert away from that subject, I got the subtext and it left me disenchanted to say the least. And the lying, oh my gosh the lying money would seem to come from out of no where and when I asked about it Bob's cousin had no idea who was giving him such lavish sums of money and said "Don't impugn my integrity." So, I just left it at that and thought. I really need to think about going with Bob at this point.

I guess I don't have to marry either of them. I could become a more independent person and just play the field and hook up with who ever appeals to me at the moment. I am not really that kind of girl though. I like long term relationships. I like knowing what my partners stand for and being able to with some accuracy say what they are likely to do and what they absolutely will not do. I am not even sure I can count on Bob, but he is sounding very attractive right now. The option of moving away from both of them is open though. There are greener pastures from what I have heard. I have been warned though it's kind of a wilderness out there and there aren't a lot of people to party with in that neck of the woods, that an infrastructure would have to be built before any kind of civilized living would be achieved. So, I just don't know if I have that kind of pioneer spirit. I guess it would be kind of lonely, but that's what social media is for right? I mean if I can't marry Bob and I get lonely there are other people who would feel lonely too right? We could all talk about it and then maybe our neck of the woods could have a lot more people coming to our party. Maybe build some cabins and talk about a future where we don't feel the need to bring people to heel and we feel more like creating a world where people don't feel so much anger and despair. A world where war is only a act of necessity and not an act to create business opportunities. Maybe we could create a the world I thought I lived in. That world was America the Free. It turned out to be an illusion, but I would really like it if it turned into reality.

Bad Blood: How blood mining contributed to the AIDS crisis

Cause baby, now we've got bad blood
You know it used to be mad love
So take a look what you've done
Cause baby, now we've got bad blood, hey


I can't claim that I have ever been neutral on Hillary Clinton's run for the Democratic Nomination. I have most definitely been pro Bernie and to a lesser extent anti-Hillary /end disclaimer.

So a few days ago. Hillary Clinton all on her own praised Nancy Reagan for her quiet advocacy on the issue of AIDS victims. Now if she was just wrong I could leave it at that. But, she wasn't merely wrong it turns out she knew at least two people personally they were on her staff and they died of AIDS. Surely, they let her know the Reagan's were not their friends in getting funding to study the disease, funding to raise awareness, and funding for the sickest patients that needed assistance for their daily living and funding for hospice care. No, the Reagans were well known to have done very much the opposite, they in fact inspired the phrase Silence = Death.

So, I spent the day numb, angry, very confused. Numb from everything coming back about my uncle. Angry about how Hillary could spit on his grave, confused about why she would do such a thing. There is no logic here not even a little. This all lead me to running around on the information highway talking to a whole lot of people, tweeting for hours, looking for information. Eventually, what I found took any anger that I had at that point and moved it to a whole new level. It turns out that Bill Clinton had a huge part in making the crisis worse.

Kelly Duda has uncovered a lot more information on this than I ever will. His movie Factor 8: The Arkansas Prison Blood Scandal (2005), goes in depth on the scandal. He testified in several foreign courts on this issue. He went to Japan to testify, to the UK, and to Canada. This issue was global in other words. This is not just another conspiracy theory. This is something that did happen and the Clintons were very deeply involved. Hillary may have been anything from a team worker to knowing nothing while this was going on. However, she did know at the very least when Bill Clinton was a defendant in a lawsuit over the issue. Hillary stayed, Hillary remained silent. Silence = Death.



The Clinton's blood money

By now everyone knows about the lie heard around the world. I have no illusions that most people are going to care about this a whole lot. I do remember the 80's when AIDS ravaged the country and as I write this there are 1.8 million who have the disease. And too many have already died.

I am going to be honest about my goal here. I want the Clinton's to pay for this politically. I want Hillary herself to be extremely sorry she ever brought up the issue of AIDS. This disease has killed 535,000 people in the United States alone. Those are a lot of empty chairs at holiday dinners. I saw one of those empty chairs myself and I am still so livid I am struggling to remain coherent, perhaps I have lost the struggle some would say. This disease has ravaged too many families for me to just sit and stew in my own rage. I am intending to take this fight to the internet. I don't know how many will do the same. I hope the numbers are legion. But, even if they are not I will still do this as much as I can.

This is an article I am pretty sure I found on DU:


The following is the item I found the most damning:

Mays, who served as a vice-president for finance at the Democratic National Committee, has been at the heart of several Clinton scandals. In 1996, he was credited with securing Little Rock restaurateur Charlie Trie's $100,000 contribution to the Democratic Party's coffers. He also pops up in the Whitewater probe, where he tried to stave off the federal prosecution of David Hale. Mays and his wife have been frequent visitors to the White house, including an overnight stay in the Lincoln bedroom. Dunn claims that Mays was recommended to him by Clinton and prison board chairman and Clinton intimate, Woodson Walker.

It is not what I found the most infuriating though. My uncle the one who left an empty chair at my first Christmas back in Michigan from Minnesota, had become so ill from the disease he couldn't attend Christmas dinner. I saw him that Thanksgiving and he had lost a shocking amount of weight and he wasn't himself at all. He was still my uncle though. I saw my aunt fighting tears for the whole family event. My cousins were also somber.

I remember the ridiculous claims of the Clinton's killing people and those claims are still ridiculous. Somehow this makes it worse that people would believe such nonsense while very real killing was going on. HIV infected blood killed real people. HIV infected blood killed Gary Daniels.

That link once again is:


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