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Lady Freedom Returns

Profile Information

Gender: Female
Home country: US
Current location: Tucson,AZ
Member since: Sun Aug 28, 2011, 06:20 PM
Number of posts: 12,129

About Me

A.K.A http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=profile&uid=129687 Graduated Missouri Southern State University in 2007 with a B.A in Communications. Worked at KODE-TV for 5 years. Was VERY active with the Collage Democrats as the P.R Officer.

Journal Archives

Politico:Trump takes aim at Covid stimulus bill, raising spectre of veto

Just in time to "F" up the holidays!
President Donald Trump on Tuesday blasted the $900 billion coronavirus relief package passed by Congress, calling it a “disgrace” and asking for amendments to the bill to increase stimulus payments to Americans.

While Trump did not directly threaten to veto the bill, his message raised the possibility that he might do so.

To read more about how the Orange Grinch 💩 all over the USA go to:

Posted by Lady Freedom Returns | Wed Dec 23, 2020, 01:22 AM (2 replies)

Velveeta Voldemort is thinking he has a chance? He is off his rocker.

He seems to think if one representative and one senator have issues with the electoral college vote his won, slam dunk. Not the way it works, Donnie.

What is worrying me is how mentally unstable this guy is. He is throwing out conspiracy theories right and left. Has no comprehension of how the system works. And just throwing temper fits.

He should be nowhere near the nuclear football. He should not be in command of our Armed Forces.

I know he won't be for long, but he is right now. He could do horrific things between now and January 20th. And we can't depend on the VP and the cabinet to do anything.

What can be done at this point?

Posted by Lady Freedom Returns | Tue Dec 22, 2020, 01:37 AM (12 replies)

The Homeless vets around me are going happy crazy right now.

They have got a call from the VA apparently. Telling them they are taking appointments for those that want to take the vaccine. Those around me are at high risk.

I have also been told by my doctor that my shot will be ready in Three weeks. That is because I'm high risk and I'm homeless, so that moves me up the list. I'm looking at it as my Christmas Gift!
Posted by Lady Freedom Returns | Mon Dec 21, 2020, 08:43 PM (72 replies)

No thoughts and prayers. Just repairs. The Thinking Atheist.

Posted by Lady Freedom Returns | Mon Dec 21, 2020, 04:41 PM (1 replies)

Twas the Coup before Christmas 🎄

Posted by Lady Freedom Returns | Mon Dec 21, 2020, 12:20 AM (2 replies)

The 12 pains of Christmas 🎄

Posted by Lady Freedom Returns | Tue Dec 15, 2020, 02:02 PM (0 replies)

I'm arguing with everyone lately. Even with ADOT.

Arizona DOT
Dec 15, 2020
IN THE MEADOW we can build a snowman... but NOT on the shoulder!
A great time to remember: Highway shoulders are for emergencies, not snowball fights.
Know Snow and read more: http://bit.ly/2DoS7RW

Lady Freedom Returns
I still can't understand why people want to play in the stuff? It's cold!😞
10:21 AM · Dec 15, 2020

Arizona DOT
Dec 15, 2020
Replying to @AmberHoyt78
Snowmen, snow angels, snowball fights...

Lady Freedom Returns
But it's COLD!
10:25 AM · Dec 15, 2020

Posted by Lady Freedom Returns | Tue Dec 15, 2020, 01:49 PM (3 replies)

A reminder from Vice President-elect Harris!

Kamala Harris
Today is the last day you can sign up for health insurance through http://healthcare.gov in most states across our country. Don’t delay, #GetCovered now.

Posted by Lady Freedom Returns | Tue Dec 15, 2020, 12:15 PM (2 replies)

He just can't get over he lost!

He is out to cause trouble at this point!

Donald J. Trump

This is BIG NEWS. Dominion Voting Machines are a disaster all over the Country. Changed the results of a landslide election. Can’t let this happen. Thank you for the genius, bravery, and patriotism of the Judge. Should get a medal!

Kevin McCullough
· 12h
EVIDENCE: Police cars revolving lightPolice cars revolving light

Here is the forensic audit report of the Dominion Voting machines in Michigan. In one county where 33% of the vote was switched electronically from @realDonaldTrump to @JoeBiden.

Electronic flip
An attempt to erase records


The tweet has been deleted.
Posted by Lady Freedom Returns | Tue Dec 15, 2020, 01:36 AM (13 replies)

These trumpers just ain't right.

How the heck are we to do to get their brains to kick in?

Lady Freedom Returns
Dec 14, 2020
Replying to @Rockola84126569 and @CBSNews
Your the one who can't handle the truth. And you need to get on board with the reality that a large majority don't believe in the republican way of the thinking.

So what do you prefer, China’s Communist Party’s way of thinking. Did you see the video by the Chinese Economist? He admits that they have been buying off our government since the 70s and that they own Biden and Obama. They also admit that no one could buy Trump. I chose Trump.

Posted by Lady Freedom Returns | Tue Dec 15, 2020, 12:57 AM (7 replies)
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