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rtracey's Journal
rtracey's Journal
November 5, 2014

Why I Think Democrats Lost So Many Elections

Many want to know why? Why did we lose so many elections this mid-term voting cycle? I believe I have some answers to these questions, by actually posing questions for answers....

1. Where was the Democrat leadership during this voting cycle......absent... Reid, Pelosi, Hoyer, where were they?

2. Where and who is/was the Democrat Governor Association leader.... The Republican's had Chris Christy.... come on CHRIS CHRISTY.... He was everywhere, he was matching through state after state.... He was in my state, Maryland 3 times, and our new governor is now a republican. Did anyone see our parties Governor Association Leader stomping for the democratic governors?

3. Where was Debbie Wasserman-Schultz... She was absent.... everywhere you looked you saw Reince Priebus... NBC, Fox, CNN.... but where was Wasserman-Schultz? running her own campaign... which leads me to this.. should the DNCC be an elected official needed to be re-elected, or perhaps a past official concentrating on all democrat elections, not just his/hers.

4. Where was the fight, the fight for the causes?

As I mentioned earlier this week... my feelings have not changed....We, as Democrats are not fighting hard enough for our own causes. Health care for all, education for all, seniors, Latinos, women rights, equal pay for equal work, gay, lesbian and transgender causes, ..... I heard very little about these issues this election, only mudslinging and money laundering.... Why would any democrat not support a president that took a 10% unemployment rate to just above 5%, reduced the deficit, had 40ish months of job growth, heath care ACA that IS working, saving lives and money. Ended two costly wars, and has the balls to keep our soldiers boots out of this ISIS and Ukrainian civil wars.....and countless other things that is improving our nation. We not sit here on the day of a Republican takeover of the congress. I see a stalemate for another 2 years, until 2016. Our jobs now....staring now is to begin new GOTV campaigns. First thing I want to call for is the replacement of Debbie Wasserman-Schultz as DNCC. She was an absent chair. We need someone that will represent ALL the Democrat Party. Next, I want to call for better candidates to run for office. Younger, progressive, liberal strong candidates that will bring our causes front and center. I want a unified party behind our presidential candidate, whomever it may be. Lets primary the best candidate for president, not just the popular choice, but the choice for our causes, for our country. Let's call for a national democrat party that will reduce taxes on all, not just a select few. Let's get away from being known as the "Tax and Spend" party. Let's continue to support ALL Americans, of ALL races, all sexual orientations. Let's begin to embrace our younger voters, they are the future of our party, and many of the youth are very progressive, and many were missing last night. Finally I want to say to the many hard-working, loyal democrats that took time to vote, poll watch, GOTV efforts, drive votes to polls, etc.... we have hit a setback, but we will again be the voice of our country.

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