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Gender: Male
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Member since: Thu Oct 6, 2011, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 10,882

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Question about Bay Area Occupy Protests

I live in Oakland, and for the longest time, I have wondered why almost all of our Occupy protests take place here. I know there were some protests across the bay in SF and in Berkeley, as well. But wouldn't it have been a better idea for the protesters to go to more up-scale neighborhoods and towns where wealthier people live to protest, like Livermore or Marin? Don't get me wrong--I agree with the movement, but it has been costing our city money, and the reports of violence damage the city's reputation on a national level. That's just my $0.02.

Why does it seem as if YouTube is infested with people who like Ron Paul?

Almost every political video I watch, there's a person getting a top rated comment saying "RON PAUL 2012", and every video I find that criticizes him gets thumbed down immensely. And even when I watch some of the Young Turks' videos, I find a bunch of his supporters, even though the Young Turks is supposedly a left-leaning show. I see more Ron Paul fans on YouTube than from any other candidate, even Obama. What gives?

If Ron Paul trades his delegates to Romney, where do you think all of his supporters will go?

Paul has been known around his following as the so-called "Anti-establishment Candidate" of the GOP, but I came across a thread that said he might throw support behind Willard, who just happens to be the establishment candidate. Paul's foreign policies are also considerably different from Romney's, as well, where he is more in favor of isolationism. Considering this, I am interested to see whether all of his people will back Willard, or what.
Here is the DU thread I am referring to:

It's Willard Mitt Romney's b-day today!

How does everyone here at DU plan to celebrate it?

Should voting be mandatory in America?

Recently with all of these voter ID laws being proposed, I started pondering what it would be like if voting was mandatory instead, like how the U.S. Census is required every few years. Not that there's much of a chance of it happening anytime soon with all of these Republicans in power wanting to keep people from voting, but I believe voting should be mandatory because it's only fair that everyone should have a say in how the country is ran.
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