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Gender: Male
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Member since: Thu Oct 6, 2011, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 10,883

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Would this country be better or worse off without the GOP?

I started wondering about this a few weeks ago. While I was thinking that it would be great to get rid of Republican obstacles to progressive goals and equality, I heard a DUer mentioning it being bad for democracy here because there would then only be one major political party. And the person went on to say that if the RWers from the GOP decided to join the Democratic Party, it could shift rightwards.
What do you think?

The Republican Plan


Does anyone know of any POSCI internship websites?

I'm about to transfer to a different school, and my family suggested getting some experience this summer as an intern somewhere related to my field. But I have no idea where to check.

You Cannot Make This Stuff Up...


Try not to laugh at Willard Robme's alliterative sentence.

"Black People Love Us"


My Personal Thank You Thread To DU

At the risk of coming across as a copycat because a fellow DUer has posted a similar thread earlier, I also want to express gratitude towards this site. As a college boy who is majoring in political science, it feels great to find a place on the Internet where I can express my views with like-minded people who all are disgusted with the GOP and RW politics. DU is a like a refuge of sanity for me from all the conservatives and Paulbots infesting YouTube and elsewhere on the Internet. And I never have to worry about coming across any offensive or bigoted speech on here, like how I have seen countless people on Yahoo calling people "feminazis" for advocating women's rights or people getting called racial slurs in the YouTube comments.

Another thing about this site is that I have learned a lot already since joining just several months ago. For instance, it has opened my eyes regarding how it is unwise to trust everything I hear on the news. Prior to joining a couple months ago, I trusted every news network that isn't named Fox News because I thought only Fox News spreads lies and slants. But I eventually caught on to how anchors from other networks also frame their stories and not call the GOP out as much as they should (I'm looking at you, David Gregory), and how the top media conglomerates have an agenda that disregards the greater good and prioritizes profits.

So again, thank you to my fellow DUers.

The Big Conspiracy...


What does everyone here think of my response to this anti-Obama question?

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