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Gender: Male
Hometown: Oakland, CA
Member since: Thu Oct 6, 2011, 03:00 PM
Number of posts: 10,882

Journal Archives

"How American Are You?"

Megyn Kelly vs. Bill O'Reilly on Ferguson

More: http://www.mediaite.com/tv/megyn-kelly-oreilly-clash-over-white-privilege-in-ferguson/

On Fox News Monday, Bill O’Reilly and Megyn Kelly butted heads over whether distrust by black people of the vastly white police force in Ferguson, Mo, is justified.

After ticking off several statistics that demonstrate black Americans are at a disadvantage both economically and socially, Kelly said there’s “a lot of evidence” supporting the idea that whites have unique privilege in the U.S.

O’Reilly countered that Asian-Americans are not “troubled,” academically outperforming whites. “It all comes down to family, culture, personal responsibility,” he said. “All of these things which we don’t hear much about and this is what drives the poverty.”

“Look, it’s not just families and culture,” Kelly said. She referenced “white flight,” the tendency of white residents to leave communities when a number of blacks move nearby. “The black population feels forgotten, Bill” she said. “That’s why they feel resentful.”

"President Obama's Terms in Office Have Revealed the Hidden Racism in America"

More: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/joan-e-dowlin/president-obamas-terms-in_b_5646431.html

When President Obama was first elected there were great expectations placed upon him from both sides of the political spectrum. The right has held him to an impossibly high standard and they seem to blame him for anything wrong that happens, domestic and foreign from the humanitarian crisis on our border to the downing of a Malaysian domestic airliner over the Ukraine by Russian forces to the conflict in the Gaza Strip.

The leftists also had impossible expectations of him that no human being is capable of, black or white. It's true that Obama promised that he would "fundamentally transform the nation" (a phrase that had conservatives shaking in their boots), but he is not Superman and there were too many changes that needed to be made and there are limitations to the office of the Presidency.

President Obama has promoted progress in the recovery from the Great Recession of 2008 by helping to create private jobs while lowering the unemployment rate, got us out of Iraq (although that nation is now in peril), is getting us out of Afghanistan, killed or captured Osama bin Laden and many other high level al-Qaeda leaders, passed health care reform, passed Wall Street and credit card reform, saved GM, ended DADT, supported and promoted gay marriage, passed the Lily Ledbetter act and a hate crimes bill, boosted domestic oil production to make us less dependent on foreign countries, and recently passed a VA bill to help Veterans with their hospitalization. I could go on and on. Here is a list of 50 of his: accomplishments.

All of this was done while cutting the deficit in half and spending less than any president in modern history. Which makes me scratch my head when his opponents accuse him of being a "big government spender." It was also accomplished with the least productive congress in history for the last four years after the GOP took control of the House of Representatives.

CA Ban on Plastic Bags Passes Major Hurdle at State Capitol


I'm not on board with plastic bag bans. However, because Sacramento is trying to make this plastic bag ban go state-wide, they should at least arrange it to where either all reusable bags are free or paper bags are free and available in every store to put groceries in.

What do you think about letting strangers know your politics?

For example, putting political bumper stickers on your rides or wearing political t-shirts. Do you/would you do that?

"11 Year Old Hospitalized With Severe Burns Attempting The Fire Challenge"

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