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beachbumbob's Journal
beachbumbob's Journal
Missing entry

November 16, 2012

put your money where your politics are

quit supporting rightwing/GOP business concerns

heres a phone app for staying clear of Koch brother's businesses

we all know about walmart, sams club......
popa johns

start listing the culprits and the alternatives

November 8, 2012

a good place to start

democrats everywhere must get off their asses and get the state legislature back and governorships back. This has to be priority one for all democrats to make 2014 a landslide year in getting teaparty.gop out and gain our rights back starting with voting in mess we have seen growing

November 8, 2012

tough question and not new to american politics at all

Our forefathers had great disagreements over what role the federal govt should play and 225 years later ,we still are having the same debate.

This is what I know. Its nearly impossible to change a person's belief in almost anything, including politics. Beliefs can not be reasoned with, no facts can change it, no amount of arguing can overcome it. For starters we must accept that there are minds which rarely be changed and not waste alot of time with those who have no ability to question their own beliefs.

Now, there are some that have some skepticism concerning their beliefs, perhaps just enough that they can be turned...those are the ones to have the discussions with.

November 8, 2012

fiscal cliff: the sequestration legislation has to happen before Dec 31st

otherwise the sequestration program goes into play January 1, 2013


they got 7 weeks to come to an agreement and have signed bill...obama aand the democrats CANNOT give one inch on rasing of taxes on the upper 1%.

not one inch.....

November 8, 2012

karl be explaining how he waster $400 million

on trying to defeat such an easy target like obama, LOL

we need to keep this in the mix to discuss

November 8, 2012

its not really stupid but ignorance and if its not ignorance

its prejudice and bigoted supporters..........I have many conservative friends and they simply chose to ignore the data because it goes against their beliefs...

thats a hard nut to crack and in most case, nearly impossible. We must understand that most of these type of people will NEVER be swayed. The sooner you realize the sooner you can quit wasting your time in reasoning and move on to next one in hopes they possess an ounce of skepticism in their own beliefs....

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