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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 9,008

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Red Square for May Day. He seems to be confused.

The whole point of shitler's nazi military parade here is to show how patriotic he is, how he IS America.

Then he goes to see the enemies celebrate THEIR power, coz he just loves a military parade.

No puppet, no collusion, you're the colluder puppet.

But it's just a few weeks to holiday shopping season, mein blubbrinfuhrer.

Simmer down, vets. He did a drive by at Arlington once, and thought about all the sacrifices

he made, millions and millions of dollars worth.

To kick off tRump Jr.'s 'Veterans for tRump' campaign swing.

No one who works for him may refuse to heil twitler.

Well, of the 2 major US pres candidates from '16, we have one who's tax returns have been publicly

released, voluntarily, going back to the '80's, since the AR Gov campaign. Her taxes were voluntarily released for decades.

The other candidate, every time we hear about how some law enforcement group or oversight group wants access to HIS tax returns, it's because they're looking into criminal activity.

And he won't release them.

So hard to figure out, especially for an Ivy League grad. One hides his tax returns during actual criminal conduct investigations, the other always releases hers, and the repugs can't prosecute her for any criminal conduct.

Very important detailed article on G4S. Huge horrible corporation.

Looks like Blackwater for security personnel.

Interesting that the Pulse nightclub shooter came from this swinish nazi outfit.

It's so unfair, tRump blubbered.

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