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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 9,002

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Yeah, his M.O. is to always call people out for their history of anti Semitic comments.

That's why all the nazis love him so much.

There will also be a reduction for those who fail to express a patriotic level of gratitude.

Catcha 22.

Whelp, Wray and Rosenstein should be wearing wires around Barr.

Also, immediately they should open an investigation into the tRump investigators who are investigating the Mueller Investigation.

It's the only way we'll ever be able to exonerate tRump.

They're worried how the public will take it when they hear McGahn was weeping and blubbering.

He grovelled, threw himself at Mueller's feet, clutched Mueller's knees like a medieval supplicant.

Bad optics.

AND also, we never were gonna do it.

And also, it was Obama who did it,

also Sessions said it was in the gospel to screw your blue big city political opponents.

He's just being himself.

He IS a freak. His entire life has been a struggle by him to allow him to just be himself. All his business failures, all his infidelities, all his crime, all his political scandals, all just him fighting to be allowed to be himself.

He's completely motivated by hate, malice, cupidity, hedonism, vengeance, lust, wrath, laziness, every possible bad motivation is his. And he's always fought to be allowed to act, unchecked, on any whim that arises from his motivations.

They're such a bunch of squalling babies, such mental and moral midgets.

So stunted in their maturity. A raw open wound of hurt fee fees.

What they really don't like about women is how emotional women get.

I will never bow to that Hanoveran pretender.

I back the Stuart line, myself.

This is coming from the same Barr 'Justice' Dept that forced Mueller to write the report before Ston

got tried.

Also, they know he's an insane freak and habitual failure.

So they can just order their puppet to be himself, then sit back and watch the damage occur.
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