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Mc Mike

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Member since: Wed Nov 23, 2011, 05:50 PM
Number of posts: 8,991

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I've been looking to see this 'correction' from dRump.

Thanks for posting it.

On the bright side, he could get actual intel, and stupidly

mis-state it. Like that game 'telephone', substituting dRump's diseased brain, faulty memory, alt-reality beliefs, and puny intellect for other players in the telephone chain.

Great info compilation on Comrade Stone. Thanks, nt.

Why didn't Obama stop me from conspiring with my commie buddies?

While screaming and whining his lying charges that Obama was wiretapping him like a dictator.

Anyone see this back in April? Email warning Pgh. police to be prepared with riot gear

in case t Rump tries to fire Mueller or Rosenstein.

From WTAE reporter Marcie Cipriani, 4/18, cited in the link:


I picked it up from the British tabloid 'The Sun', yesterday. While looking for info on that Russian hacker with Pittsburgh connections named Evgeniy M. Bogachev, 'pollingsoon.'

It was really surprising to me to find out that we've been planning riots around here for months.

Lying pinhead nazis.

Repugs' "building of conspiracies", to de-rail the investigation into their conspiracy.

Calling the investigation of their conspiracy 'a conspiracy'. Inventing conspiracy theories to say the investigation of their actual conspiracy is a conspiracy. Looks like the repugs are conspiring to do this, to boot.

Engaging in a televised witch hunt against the investigators, the Justice Dept, the courts, the Dems, the US, while slamming the investigators for their 'witch hunt'.

Another one of those 'stop hitting yourself' moments.

I remember the quaint old days when repug politicians would

get on their high horse, and whine about anybody criticizing a (Repug) US president, when the president was overseas, or when the president was fighting a war against an enemy who attacked us.

Now we have a repug US president who goes overseas to pal around with the enemy who attacked us, and criticizes the US. Time for the repugs to toss all that stuff about 'politics stops at the waters' edge', and 'loyalty to country' down the memory hole.

Serial scumbag and criminal. Violent criminal and weaselly scam artist. Nazi.

aka Stephen Christopher Yaxley, Stephen Christopher Yaxley-Lennon, Stephen Lennon, Andrew McMaster, Paul Harris.

You just know that someone with at least 6 different names, who appears in the courts all the time, and in media as an 'activist', all the time, is obviously not up to anything 'bad'.

Pipe down and pay attention. The repugs have something they want to whine about.


Nothing more embarrassing, cringeworthy, and disgusting than a whiny nazi.

Yeah, but he's infinitely capable of 'topping' himself, by going even lower.

He's a bottomless pit of lowness, but he's bringing along a shovel, just in case.

His entire political career has been a struggle by him to be allowed to just be himself, an infinitely low swine, all the time.

That being said, this current shit is black psy op stuff, made up by his nazi flunkies. He praises Putin, then on the way through Europe to go meet his heartthrob, he pauses to attack Merkel for being a pawn of Putin. Then he's on his merry way to meet the great and good Putin. "Putin is good, Putin is bad, Putin is good." "No collusion, no puppet!" Double think, then think again.

His followers jump through all the mental hoops, flip flop flip, in the space of 30 seconds, because they're able to murkily understand the take away is 'attack Berlin and NATO, kiss up to Putin, dRumpenfuhrer can do whatever he wants, everything he says is true, even when he says he just lied a second ago'.

He's the Shroedinger's cat president, he's Heisenberg uncertainty principled. Able to run in polar opposite directions, simultaneously, counting on the generous capacity for double think his nazi followers possess. To the rest of us, he's trying to daunt us, tells us 'stick it in your ass', trying to get our heads spun and our eyes to cross with his proud lying statements that are brimming with such half assed transparent duplicity.

Psy op, he didn't think it up. He does hate, on a low animal cunning level, Europe, Germany, NATO, but his bannons millers shines epyshteyns stones are skull sessioning these kind of statements for him, with him.
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