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Ron Obvious

Profile Information

Name: Ron
Gender: Male
Home country: Middle Earth
Current location: Seattle
Member since: Tue Dec 13, 2011, 11:37 PM
Number of posts: 6,002

About Me

I got the nickname Ron Obvious because -- in addition to being a huge Python fan -- my name really is Ron and I used to start sentences with \"Obviously\" a lot. Obviously, that\'s no longer a problem.

Journal Archives

Google image search with my photograph returns links to hair design studios

I've been playing with google image search today to find out the locations of some windows wallpaper images. It's worked perfectly so far. Naturally, I tried it using picture of myself but it can't find the source, even though I've used it as a profile picture elsewhere.

Instead, it helpfully returned links to various hair design studios nearby.

I choose to believe it's because I clearly look like someone who could've been used as an advertising model for such studios and not because google believes I'm badly in need of their services.

No, I won't share my picture, so don't ask. Just imagine Brad Pitt's o̶l̶d̶e̶r̶younger brother.

Alright call me old-fashioned, but I utterly hate this version of a great Beatles song

Cadbury have inflicted this dreadful version of the Beatles' classic "Do you want to know a secret?" on us for the holiday season through advertisement.

Am I alone in utterly detesting tuneless, shapeless, jazzy remakes of classic songs? I've heard some doozies lately.

She can't sing!! She can't hold a melody!! She has a thin, reedy voice like gas escaping from a pipe!!

What the Fuck?!

And I can't believe the comments on this video! Have they never heard proper music before? Do they really not know any better?

We're boycotting Cadbury in this household this holiday season in protest.

Jamming Barcodes (Electronicos Fantasticos)

Six years ago, I posted a dot-matrix printer playing Eye of the Tiger. Sadly, the youtube video has since been removed because of bullshit copyright claims.

Now, here's some clever young guys turning bar codes into techno music by attaching their barcode readers to a speaker rather than a cash register.

I love this commercial! (Haynes Baked Beans Astronaut Ad)

Whale sculpture stops Dutch train crashing into water

Metro train overran stop, coming to halt 10 metres above ground on huge plastic tail

A metro train that overran the stop blocks at a station outside Rotterdam has been left balancing 10 metres above ground on the plastic tail of a whale sculpture.

The metro driver was reportedly able to free himself from the train without injury after the incident shortly after midnight on Monday morning. There were no passengers onboard.

Maarten Struijs, who made the sculpture of two tails emerging from water beneath the elevated metro line, said he was surprised the sculpture had held together.


I would like to apologise for my next post.

I've a feeling I'm about to post something objectionable soon.

No idea what yet, but I'd like to inoculate myself from negative feedback this way. I like the idea of a freebie.
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