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morningfog's Journal
morningfog's Journal
August 31, 2015

Another Batch of Clinton's Emails Expected to Be Released Monday (Today)

A new batch of Hillary Clinton's State Department emails are expected to be released Monday afternoon. The democratic presidential hopeful has been under fire in the past few weeks over using a private email server while she was Secretary of State.


August 30, 2015

Who gives a rat's ass about NH or Iowa polls??

Hillary has SUPER DELEGATES. So what if the first two voting states are moving towards Bernie. It's only because they are the ones paying most attention right now. And,of course, those states are very white.

That is meaningless compared to Hillary's 20% already locked in super delegates, who know better than white voters from states with vigorous campaigning.

Goddamnit Bernie, do you not realize that it is Hillary's turn, for real this time!

August 26, 2015

Why Joe Biden could skip N.H. (and Iowa and promise one term) if he runs for president

Amid speculation surrounding Vice President Joe Biden’s moves toward a presidential bid in 2016, Democrats have raised two potential strategies for a Biden run.

The first: Biden, 72, could run with the promise to serve only a single term. The second: He could skip the first two nominating contests, in Iowa and New Hampshire, beginning his third presidential campaign in South Carolina instead

Whether he should run as a single-term president is intriguing, but it is also a purely a political decision — perhaps with no right answer. But the second issue, whether he could skip Iowa and New Hampshire, is a logistical question worth exploring.

The rationale for Biden to skip Iowa and New Hampshire is this: He would enter the race too late to compete in those states. Ignoring those states, which allot their delegates proportionally, would mean losing out on a few dozen delegates out of the thousands he would need to win the nomination. If he began his bid in South Carolina, Biden would save millions of dollars and have a chance to build an organization to compete with the current front-runner, former US secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton.

There’s another reason why South Carolina would be Biden’s best opportunity. His top Democratic rivals have spent significantly less time and money there compared to Iowa and New Hampshire. Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont combined have spent just nine days in South Carolina this presidential cycle — compared to 28 days in New Hampshire. What’s more, Clinton’s campaign has been airing television advertisements in Iowa and New Hampshire for a month.


August 19, 2015

The problem is not the number of debates, it is the late start and exclusivity

Six debates is not, in itself, too few debates.

The real issue is that the debates won't start until mid-October and the last two, scheduled for after Super Tuesday may not occur if the design serves it's function-- to protect the front runner.

The exclusivity clause, combined with the late start helps only the front runner. It is the front runner who has everything to lose and little to gain by any debate, and the risks increase with each debate. Gaffs, missteps, attacks can badly hurt the leader in a debate.

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