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Member since: Sun Apr 1, 2012, 12:07 PM
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Justice Alito's apparently a 17th century man, a man of his time, a time...

when men were men and women were their property, and/or witches to be burned at the stake when appropriate.

Tell me he's kidding us with this 17th century bullshit in the abortion brief. Somebody tell me quick that this can't possibly be true here in the 21st century—that a SCOTUS justice, someone purported to be a serious thinker worthy of sitting on the highest court in the land, is citing a witchcraft-believing misogynist from the 1600s.

It can't possibly be true.

I repeat, he cites a 17th century misogynist, a 17th century misogynist who believed in witches.

He and his clerk, or whoever wrote that claptrap of the highest order and thought it was an appropriate preference reference to back up a claim that women should be denied autonomy over their own bodies, should be laughed and ridiculed out of the Supreme Court building and never be allowed to return (and preferably tarred and feathered if we were somehow transported back to the 17th century, as they apparently have been).

I mean he cited a witchcraft believer. God! What kind of antiquated creatures have been put on the Supreme Court?
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