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upaloopa's Journal
upaloopa's Journal
October 31, 2015

So they adopt wing nut talking points,

and say Bill Clinton's record is Hillary's record, list a slew of "myths" all in a vain attempt at what?
Nothing so far today to enlighten us on Bernie's positions.
3 more months of this until IA caucus.

Mark Thompson said Jeb lost to Rubio in the last debate because Rubio can play the dozens better than Jeb can. Mark says when your opponent can play the dozens better than you then you need to shut up.

Who will play the dozens best on DU for the next three months?

October 30, 2015

Christina Aguilera Will you come to a party at my house?

Will you come to a party at my house??
Christina Aguilera
12:48 PM
[Keep this message at the top of your inbox]
To: xxxxxx@xxx.xxx


I’m so happy you’re on Team Hillary, Xxxxxx. That’s why I want to invite you to a party with Hillary at my home in Beverly Hills.

The campaign will pick up your flight and hotel; all you have to do is put your name in the hat for a chance to win.

It’s going to be a great night with some special musical performances -- including one by yours truly -- and best of all, you’ll get a chance to talk with Hillary herself. Maybe you can even help me convince her to sing, or at least dance!

I know Hillary’s going to be an amazing president, and I’m grateful you’re fighting to help get her to the White House. I hope I get to thank you in person. Add your name now for your chance to meet Hillary at my house:

Add my name



October 30, 2015

A Democratic Socialist expert was on Mark Thompson's sirius radio talk show tonight.

He said that Bernie is a Social Democrat as apposed to a Democratic Socialist.
IIRC he said that a Democratic Socialist believes the people should own and control what ever delivers or produces the things people want. Everything like food, shelter, clothing and Health Care is a right and should be provided to everyone.

I agree that everyone should have the basic necessities of life plus health care. I don't agree that the people should own and control the means to provide those things as in no corporations.

I believe it is our government's job to try and make sure everyone has an opportunity to earn those things and there should be a social safety net for those who cannot earn them. This would be jobs and education programs when society or the economy can't provide them but not in place of society and the economy when they can provide them.

Government should regulate so that there isn't the wealth inequity that we have today.

I am not going to list everything government should do. That's not my purpose here.

I believe in our capitalist society even though it is out of control now. It can be fixed and become the ally of the people not their enemy.

I used to belong to the Democratic Socialists of America. As I said in another post I contributed and got the news letter in the mail and it wasn't in a plain brown rapper. I even had a bumper sticker.

Over time I dropped out because of the idea of the people owning the means to provide necessities.

I don't hate wealthy people or Wall Street. I do hate what some rich people like the Koch Bros are trying to do to us. I do hate what Wall Street did to cause the recession that cost people their homes and jobs.

I don't believe in junking the our system and starting over with Democratic Socialism.

I believe we can live decent productive lives under capitalism if we make government do it's job to make it a fair and just system.

October 29, 2015

Fire in the hills above Montecito west of Santa Barbara. 60 acres burned since 5:30 AM today

Thursday October 29, 2015, 11:14 AM
Santa Barbara County Office of Emergency Management

Advisory: Update - Gibraltar Fire Press Release
Gibraltar Incident - Vegetation Fire – UPDATE

EVACUATION WARNING IN EFFECT FOR: North of Hwy 192, East of Coyote,, West of Buena Vista, South of East Camino Cielo. (Evacuation Zones 2, 3, 4, and 5 ). Santa Barbara County Humane Society, located is accepting animals for boarding. This is located at 5399 Overpass Road, Santa Barbara, 93111.

ROAD CLOSURES: East Camino Cielo at Painted Cave Road to Gibraltar Road and W. Mountain Drive at Gibraltar Road.

DATE AND TIME OF OCCURRENCE: October 29, 2015 / 5:16 am (call time). First equipment on scene at 6:09 am.

ACRES: 60-70 acres as of 10:30 am.

UNIFIED COMMAND: US Forest Service, Santa Barbara County Fire, Santa Barbara City Fire, Montecito Fire, and Santa Barbara County Sheriff.

LOCATION OF FIRE: The fire is currently burning in the Los Padres National Forest, 1/2 mile off of Camino Cielo, west of Montecito Peak.

INCIDENT COMMAND POST: Montecito Fire Station #1

INCIDENT SUMMARY: Santa Barbara County Fire Dept. The fire is a wind driven fire, 1/2 mile off of Camino Cielo, west of Montecito Peak. There is active fire burning approximately 8-10 miles from populated areas at this time.

EQUIPMENT ON SCENE: 6 air tankers, 5 helicopters, 40 overhead, 35 engines, 3 dozers, 4 water tenders and 4 hand crews.

EQUIPMENT ORDERED: 10 Los Padres engines, 5 strike teams of engines, 4 dozers, 4 water tenders, 4 helicopters, and 10 aircraft.

Area Fire Chiefs were briefed yesterday from meteorologists concerning the forecasts for the area and sundowner wind conditions, and had increased readiness staffing to better meet the threat.

Agencies involved include: Montecito Fire District, Santa Barbara County Fire, United States Forest Service, Carpinteria/Summerland Fire, Santa Barbara City Fire, Cal FIRE, Vandenberg AFB, Santa Barbara County Sheriff Department, Santa Barbara City Police and CHP.

Please tune to AM 1610 or the following links for ongoing updates:






For full details, view this message on the web.

October 29, 2015

La Opinión has endorsed Kamala for Senate.

Juan Rodriguez
10:35 AM

Kamala Harris for Senate

Friends -- this is big news.

La Opinión, the largest Spanish language newspaper in the country, has endorsed Kamala for Senate.

Click here to read the endorsement in Spanish.

Click here to read the endorsement in English.
La Opinión Endorses Kamala

La Opinión: Kamala Harris for U.S. Senate


October 26, 2015


The next U.S. senator for California will have to articulate a strategy to benefit the country as a whole, but also the state’s population. They will also have to defend the essential interests of the Latino community: finding accessible, appropriate jobs; getting quality, affordable education; combating delinquency and, of course, achieving comprehensive immigration reform.

Although the election is still over 6 months away, it is necessary to establish priorities.

The campaign is being dominated by Democrats Kamala Harris, current Attorney General of California, and Loretta Sánchez, congresswoman for a district in Orange County.

They are both worthy candidates who set high standards for the campaign.

Sánchez, born in Lynwood of Mexican parents, joined Congress in 1997 when she defeated veteran legislator Bob Dornan in a district that used to be a bastion for Republican conservatives. Her surprising victory was also a boost for the campaigns of other Hispanics, contributing to increased political representation for the community.

She created and still leads the Women in the Military Caucus and belongs to the Blue Dog Coalition, a group of 15 conservative Democratic legislators. Among other votes, she pushed against the war in Iraq, defended a woman’s right to abortion and pressed progressive topics forward.

Kamala Harris, daughter of an Indian doctor and a Jamaican American professor, stood out as Deputy District Attorney in Alameda County and later as District Attorney in San Francisco. She has also combined the fight against crime with campaigns for social awareness, has updated her outreach on the internet and social media and created an internet safety unit to tackle cybercrime.

Harris firmly defends sanctuary cities and the right of local authorities to decide how to deal with federal immigration agencies. She supports public health, education and safety for all, including undocumented people.

Additionally, she was recently attacked for saying that “an undocumented immigrant is not a criminal” and supported providing legal defense to unaccompanied minors coming in from Central America.

Harris supports gun control and environmental protection, opposes the death penalty except in special cases and has prosecuted hate crimes, especially against LGBT children and teens.
She has demonstrated her commitment to those who have less and her understanding of the need to protect minorities and for immigration reform. Harris’s accomplishments and vitality make her a candidate who promises to continue leaving her mark as
Both women are good candidates. However, we believe that Kamala Harris has more potential to lead at a national level and better fulfills the requirements listed above.

representative to California in Washington.

Kamala has spent her career fighting for justice for all Californians in every community. She’s ready to take that fight to the United States Senate. And she’s incredibly proud to have this endorsement. Thanks for all you do for this team.

Juan Rodriguez
Senior Advisor

Contributions or gifts to Kamala Harris for Senate are not tax deductible.

Paid for by Kamala Harris for Senate
All content © 2015 Kamala Harris for Senate, All Rights Reserved
P.O. Box 78?393
San Fra?ncisco, CA 94107-8?393
Privacy Policy

October 28, 2015

The story told was that Hillary had name

recognition and more face time with Bernie before the voters would even things up.
To me it looks like the more face time Hillary has puts her further in the lead.
The debates, the Benghazi hearing, JJ dinner in IA all helped.
Now she is in NH and has a 8 point lead there. The more people get to know the real Hillary the more they like her.

I am amazed at the attempts to bring her down on this board and in the media. Her detractors will not read her biography. If they did they would see she has faced tougher attempts by tougher people and it just makes her stronger. The Benghazi committee is a good example.
Hillary feeds off of those attacks. Instead of bringing her down they boost her up.

October 27, 2015

Getting a déjà vu. Might be seeing

an Unskewed Polls site for Bernie supporters soon.

October 27, 2015

Email from John Lewis

When I set off to march across the Edmund Pettus bridge in Selma, Alabama, 50 years ago, I did so with the knowledge that I might not come back alive.

But I also knew that what we were trying to accomplish was vital to holding on to the promise of our country: that every person, regardless of race, had a say in their government.

I could never have guessed that in the year 2015, I’d be fighting essentially the same fight all over again.

While Republican candidates keep insisting that there isn’t a problem, Hillary Clinton has committed to turning the tide in favor of expanding voting rights for all Americans. That’s why I’m proud to be a part of this week's launch of African Americans for Hillary -- and I hope you’ll join me.

I was proud to hear Hillary reaffirm her commitment to protecting voting rights in Alabama recently at the Alabama Democratic Conference Convention -- as well as to reforming our criminal justice system and advocating for funding for historically black colleges and universities.

I look forward to fighting for her the way she’s fighting for all of us. That starts right here, when you stand with her.

African Americans for Hillary is a group of supporters making that commitment right now -- because we know how important Hillary’s campaign is to our values and our communities. Will you join me?

Join African Americans for Hillary

Thank you,

John Lewis

October 26, 2015

email from Robby Mook, Official Clinton Campaign

I wanted to write to you directly, Xxxxxx, and take a minute to celebrate -- this team has had a truly incredible month!

First, Hillary decisively won the Democratic debate. Politico said it best: "Hillary Clinton Crushes It."

Then, last Thursday, she once again demonstrated her eloquence and complete unflappability in front of the House Select Committee on Benghazi. Hillary spent eleven hours answering questions from a group set up with the explicit purpose of damaging her candidacy. They failed -- and Hillary came out on the other side stronger and more purposeful than ever, ready to move forward and stay focused on the issues that matter to the American people.

Finally, on Saturday, Hillary gave a phenomenal speech at the Iowa Democratic Party's annual J-J Dinner -- historically a pivotal moment on the path to the nomination and a test of a campaign's organizational strength that we passed with flying colors.

Millions of people watched those three events and quite simply felt that they were looking at the next president of the United States.

Just as importantly, while our candidate has been performing her job at the very highest level, so have you. I'm proud to report that hundreds of thousands of people have chipped in to support this campaign -- in fact, more than the Obama campaign had at roughly the same point in 2007. This is crucial not only because we believe strongly in the importance of small donors in the era of super PACs, but also because it represents a broad base of grassroots supporters who will continue to fund this campaign going forward. We've raised more than $75 million for the primary and are well on our way to hitting our 2015 goal.

We're using those resources to build an organization that can win. Our 230 organizers are working out of 33 offices across the early states. Some more fun stats: •In Iowa, we have a committed caucus-goer in all 1,682 precincts.
•In New Hampshire, organizers are building a town-by-town volunteer grassroots infrastructure.
•Our campaign has been the only one organizing from day one in Nevada, with hundreds of precinct captains already on board.
•In South Carolina, our team has contacted more than 120,000 voters at more than 1,100 events across the state.
And we're gearing up to take on our opponents in the critical primaries in March, too. We have a grassroots movement of volunteers, donors, supporters, and a candidate who can take on anyone and anything.

This campaign has obviously had some tough days -- hell, some tough months -- and we will continue to have our ups and downs. It's important not to get complacent during good times, just as it's important not to panic during challenging ones. But it's also appropriate to celebrate a good stretch like this one, and thank those who made it happen.

Congratulations, team. Onward to Iowa!


Robby Mook
Campaign Manager
Hillary for America

October 25, 2015

So I just watched Bernie in IA I just listened to Bernie in IA

What was new was his comparing his history on issues to Hillary's history.

I agree with all his stands on issues. I don't think the future depends on what you thought in the past. We all grow and our ideas mature. I was against the Iraq war. I remember Dems telling gays to STFU it wasn't their time to roar.

But we can't live in the past. We must live in the moment and plan for the future.

Whether we are for Bernie, O'Malley or Hillary we are for basically the same issues.

I am Listening to O'Malley right now. He is speaking about the same issues.

Vote for your favorite in the primary. Vote for our nominee in the general.

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