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upaloopa's Journal
upaloopa's Journal
February 14, 2016

Hillary is CRUSHING IT in South Carolina poll

Clinton 65
Sanders 27

Blks: Clinton 74-19;
Women, Clinton 67-23;
Men, Clinton 61-32;


February 14, 2016

Email from Robby Mook

I wanted to write you with an update on where we stand as a campaign -- and our strategy and priorities moving forward now that the first two contests are past. Warning: This is a more technical and detailed analysis than I've offered of the race so far, but as a supporter, you're a key part of our strategy, and I think it's important that you understand where we are and where we're going.

First off, we won the Iowa caucus!! Our whole team there, from volunteers to staff, did a terrific job for almost a year to make it happen, and literally millions of people across the country lent their support by making calls to caucus-goers, spreading the word on Facebook and Twitter, and giving small donations online. The margin of victory was not huge -- but we brought home a historic win and took an early lead in the delegate race that will ultimately decide the nomination.

Just as importantly, I want to thank our amazing New Hampshire team and everyone who contributed to that effort. We fought with tenacity, ingenuity, and heart in what we’ve known for a while would be a very challenging state. With Iowa and New Hampshire behind us, we’ve begun to focus intensely on the next contests in Nevada, South Carolina, and the March states. Four major points:

March is the month when everything changes. The 28 states that vote or caucus in March will award 56 percent of the delegates needed to win the nomination. These states -- as well as Nevada and South Carolina -- will represent a broader swath of the country. This is a favorable dynamic for us that should put us in strong position to gain a significant, and perhaps insurmountable, delegate lead over the course of the month.

We are building the coalition we need to win the primary and the general election. It will be very difficult, if not impossible, for a Democrat to win the nomination without strong levels of support among African American, Latino, Asian American, and Native American voters, as well as working people and the labor community. We believe that’s how it should be: Our Democratic nominee needs to represent the interests of everyone in this party. Hillary has fought for communities of color and working people for 40 years, from her time as a young lawyer for the Children’s Defense Fund reforming the juvenile justice system to her work fighting for civil and voting rights as Secretary of State. She has the best plans for gun safety, economic empowerment, criminal justice reform, immigration reform, and so many other issues that are deeply important to communities of color. We’re confident that our delegate lead will only strengthen as more communities rightly begin to play a larger role in the nominating process.

We have a targeted, data-driven approach to maximizing delegates, rather an a one-size-fits-all national strategy. Winning the delegates it takes to secure the nomination is a complex business (to put it mildly!), and this campaign is employing a team of experts to make sure we spend every resource we have as wisely as possible. Data scientists are analyzing which areas within March states will yield the most delegates, and we’re deploying paid organizers to key districts to make sure every last Hillary supporter turns out to caucus and vote. We’re using the same targeted approach for our TV and radio ads to make sure that we get the most bang for your buck in these critical states.

Your support is more critical than ever. We’re being outspent by the Sanders campaign, and we likely can’t match their impressive level of grassroots support. We can, though, begin to close the gap. Hundreds of thousands of you have volunteered your time to knock on doors and make calls to likely voters. More than 750,000 of you have chipped in to own a piece of this campaign. No Democrat other than President Obama and Senator Sanders has ever reached these kinds of numbers. We’re extremely proud of that, and grateful to you for all you are doing. This isn’t necessarily part of the narrative -- a lot of reporters and the Sanders campaign are intent on propagating the obvious fiction that you aren’t out there and you aren’t enthusiastic about this campaign -- but it’s an absolutely essential part of our strategy and path to victory. Thank you.

We are obviously in the midst of a very competitive primary, and the landscape will undoubtedly continue to evolve as events unfold. That’s how it should be. So thank you in advance for hunkering down, expecting the unexpected, and standing with us -- with your help, we’re going to win the nomination, take on the Republicans, win the White House, and make history.

Let’s go -- only 17 days until Super Tuesday!


Robby Mook
Campaign Manager
Hillary for America

February 13, 2016

So has Bernie developed a time line for the


When does he expect it to reach critical mass such that the Repubs in Congress will cave?

Is it in the first 100 days in office?

I hear some student voters will want their tuition free education while they are still school age.

February 12, 2016

Thanks to whomever for the hearts. I have been on time out for so long it is nice to be back and

get hearts.

I don't have much stomach for pissing contests anymore. My ignore list really grew while I was gone. I want to speak for Hillary and her ideas and if that isn't permitted on a Democratic Board heaven help us.

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