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Member since: Wed Jun 20, 2012, 01:27 PM
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would you supoport this gun-control measure?

Simple question about an idea I had.

Would you support a law requiring a gun safe to accommodate firearm collections in homes, in tandem with a .gov subsidy for the implementation of the program?

Essentially, unless your gun is currently being used, it must be in a safe. A .gov subsidy would be introduced to ensure rapid compliance with the law. A gun stolen due to negligence of proper storing results in heavy fines (Say, $5K per firearm). A gun stolen and used in a crime results in a sentence half the length of the one imposed on the perpetrator.

I'm trying to take the middle road here. Screaming "Ban em all", or "Guns for all" are equally stupid positions, IMO.

Very telling.

So many folks in here are going out of their way to shit all over something they don't understand.

These men do what they do to honor the memory of others. They view the performance of their acts in the heat, cold, and rain as a tiny bit of self sacrifice to pay back the sacrifice of so many others. The guards are a symbol of American dedication to courage, remembrance, and honor. They aren't so much guarding the tomb itself, as they are actually guarding the memory of the fallen. As long as they are there, others will never forget the selfless dedication of the honored dead that came before them.

If you crossed the line to put a cup of hot anything in their hand, well.....you wouldn't do it again.
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