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Profile Information

Name: Defacto7
Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Portland, OR
Home country: not sure anymore
Current location: depends on which proxy I'm using
Member since: Wed Aug 1, 2012, 01:44 AM
Number of posts: 13,485

About Me

Humanist, Classical musician, Linux hack, Liberal, Cosmology enthusiast, Refuse resurrectionist, Living with you in purgatory

Journal Archives

I feel the same sadness, the same disappointment.

You write truth from the broad perspecive time provides. Living history and retaining the whole picture is one of the greatest gifts a human can experience. It's also one of the greatest gifts you could give to those who would hear. If there is hope for humanity the path would be found in the memory and experience of those like yourself who have fought for collective human rights against the cheep dribble that comes from the short-sighted, the greedy, the ignorant and the gullible who have brought us to where we are now. There will always be a question whether present and future generations will learn from the past and fight for the common good or choose to sink into slavery as has happened over and over in history. We fight on.. we hope and warn. People will hear or ignore. We keep on.. and on. That's what we do.
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