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redstatebluegirl's Journal
redstatebluegirl's Journal
October 31, 2014

I am going to have carpal tunnel from hittingnhe mute button.

These ads are all the same, all they say is they hate Obama, they hate Washingon and their opponent loves them both.

I always find it odd that they hate Washington but if we have a huge tornado here Washington is on speed dial.

Hurry up Tuesday!

August 20, 2014

Eating out and open carry.

My husband and I were at our favorite steak house the other night for dinner. We went after a movie so it was a late dinner and the steakhouse was not busy. We sat in our favorite section with our favorite waiter. We ordered dinner, got our glasses of wine and then noticed a very intoxicated man at the bar. He had a large gun in a holster at his hip. He kept patting it like a security blanket. The waiter told us it was a Glock (sp).

He got very loud and seemed very agitated. I became more and more uncomfortable. Finally I told my husband I couldn't sit there any longer. We left our waiter 20 dollars, left enough for our meal which had not yet arrived and left. The owner stopped us at the door and asked what was wrong, we told him. He told us there was nothing he could do that would not make the situation worse. He said he if got any louder he would call the police to deal with him. My husband told him we would not be back.

I'm sure our business doesn't mean much, this guy was very well dressed and identified himself as working for a large company that pretty much owns OKC. It does annoy me that at some point we will be staying home, locked inside afraid to go out.

I really don't get it. Was there more we could have done? The law here says they can open carry.

August 13, 2014

A Story to renew your faith in the wealthy folks in US.

I live in a college town. A friend of mine lost her mother after a long illness in January of 2013. Her house was a lovely 3 bedroom home close to campus. She and her husband worked hard to keep their home up to date, original hardwood floors, new bathrooms and kitchen, new windows and doors etc.

When Polly put the house on the market after her mother died she did not anticipate it taking forever to sell. When it did not sell after 7 months on the market they decided to rent it and then put it back on the market when the economy improved. She tried to screen the applicants as best she could.

A nice young woman, a student and her twin sister, both Seniors in their last year, came with their mother and dad to look at the house. It seemed like a great fit, they were going to rent it with another friend each would have their own room. Mom and Dad signed the lease along with the girls as insurance that the property would be maintained. Mom and Dad drove up in a new S class Mercedes, daughters in new BMW's if you get the idea.

The girls graduated this summer and moved out a week ago, never late with rent, yard always taken care of no outward sign of damage. Polly called me the day after they moved in tears, the place was trashed. The bathrooms and kitchen had not been cleaned in forever, the floors in both bathrooms and the kitchen were beyond being cleaned. Food had been left in the fridge already rotten before they moved. Stains all over the walls, the hardwood floor in the dining room was ruined by what looked like a keg that had been left to leak all over the floor.

She didn't know what to do, the cell phone the girls had given her on the lease no longer was in service. I told her since Mom and Dad were listed on the lease call them. She did, the Mom asked for pictures, she sent them electronically. Not more than 10 minutes later Mom called Polly in tears. She was mortified that her kids would do that to someone's property. She said not to touch a thing, they would drive up from Texas that evening when her husband got home.

They arrived with all three girls in tow. Girls did NOT look like they had a great trip back to campus. Dad asked for keys, said they would be there a couple of days making things right. We thought they would pay to have it fixed, no, they told those girls to roll up their sleeves and get busy. Neighbors said those girls worked like dogs for 3 days to fix that place, they painted, they helped their Dad replace the floors, Mom and Dad bought a new fridge and dishwasher (both were beyond being cleaned), they even washed all of the windows inside and out. The last day Dad and Mom came by with the keys and the girls. The girls apologized to Polly and asked to see a picture of her parents who had lived there, then they began to cry. Mom and Dad handed Polly and envelope and left. Inside the envelope was a nice card and $1500 dollars (she had already kept their 500 deposit).

I thought it was important to share this since we do tend to trash the rich here on DU, rightfully in many cases. I looked up the Dad on the net, he is the President of a fairly large oil exploration company, but he is self made, nothing was left to him. I bet those girls will not forget this any time soon. They are young women but I think Mom and Dad felt they needed this last life lesson.

August 7, 2014

Garvin County Oklahoma GOP fundraiser includes a reference to the KKK

From KFOR television in OKC

"The Governor’s name headlines the flyer for the local party’s “Bean Feed” fundraiser, complete with a dancing bean in the top corner wearing a sombrero.

On the agenda the flyer says, “things that you may not know about the NRA, Planned Parenthood, Ku Klux Klan and other organizations.”

The state’s Democratic Party was shocked.

The Chairman of the Oklahoma Democratic Party, Wallace Collins says, “I thought this can’t be real, but it is. It really is. I think they were trying to energize their base, the tea party base, the right wing nuts whatever you want to call them. In other words throw some red meat, raise some money.”

The head of the Garvin County GOP Allie Burgin confirmed the flyer is the real deal, but says it’s not what you think.

Burgin said "yes, “I feel like the GOP gets a bad rap.”

Burgin says the Republican Party wanted to debunk any perceived link between the GOP and the Ku Klux Klan by giving historical background on the controversial organization.

“That’s part of our party’s mission is to get information out to people,” says Burgin.

The Governor’s office has denied any involvement with the “Bean Feed” and even said her attendance was never confirmed.

But in a Facebook post from Tuesday afternoon, the head of the Garvin County GOP says… “I have been assured that Governor Fallin will be at the Garvin County GOP bean feed ‘with bells on’ along with her tour bus and entourage of staff.”"

July 24, 2014

Gardening in Oklahoma

I have lived in Oklahoma for over 12 years. Before that I thought of myself as a pretty good gardener, not a master but ok. Since we moved here, I have used raised beds with compost, maintain a compost pile for continuing to enrich the bad soil here to no avail. I have not had a decent tomato or green bean.

Does anyone have any tips for growing here? What am I doing wrong ?

July 22, 2014

Is the media to blame for how angry and intolerant American has become?

Seeing all of the protests against the children escaping to this country, and hearing some of the nasty things said about just about every person or group that are not white, Christian, straight and male I am becoming very discouraged. We can't seem to have a civilized debate in the country on any issue.

Can a democracy survive with so much hate and anger?

July 9, 2014

What have all of the "investigations" of the Obama Administration cost taxpayers?

Is there a place I can find these figures? It has to be a very large sum and if they go forward with the law suit and then try to impeach how much will that cost us? This is such a crazy thing going on. I don't always agree with the President but these witch hunts have to be costing us a small fortune.

June 20, 2014

Early Voting in Oklahoma

My husband and I went this morning to vote early because we are going to be out of town on Tuesday. It was more than depressing. We talked about it when we got home, our vote truly did not matter. The truth is, whoever wins the Republican primary for Senate will be out next Senator. We get to sit through all the ads (I have carpal tunnel hitting the mute button) and hang up on all of the robocalls for nothing.

I am more than ever in favor of an open primary, then the two top candidates duke it out in the general. Does it hurt Democrats here, yes but we can't seem to put a decent candidate on the ballot. At least when I vote, I can vote for the Republican who I can stomach and who doesn't run ads with Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin.

The frustration we felt was horrible. I have tried to help elect Democrats here but it is an uphill battle. To get someone to put themselves out there in a state where the only requirements are being straight, being Christian, being a staunch conservative and hate Obama is tough. Why put their money out there only to lose in the end.

Thanks for letting me vent. I'm sure some of the Oklahoma people will say I should do something instead of venting, but I can tell them I have. I am tired of listening to the nuts I end up talking to on the phone or when I canvass for the party.

May 19, 2014

Oklahoma Senate Election

I don't think I can survive the election to replace Senator Coburn. Between the ads that do not have an ounce of truth in them, including quoting scripture, and the robocalls that are coming at a crazy rate I am losing what is left of my mind.

I think we will go back to our standby Bullwinkle DVDs we used during the Republican convention. Be warned America, devil you know is better than the devil you don't, both Shannon and Lankford are bat shit crazy.

April 9, 2014

Doxie dragging his front paw.

Have any of you had any experience with a dog with what I would call "drop paw", he drags his front paw, top side down so his nails are down to the quick. I'm trying to get into the vet today to see what I can do for him but wondered if any of you had experienced this.

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