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Member since: Thu Aug 16, 2012, 12:46 PM
Number of posts: 1,411

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Romney makes me sick

I have studied unemployment numbers for over 35 years and the only fudging of employment numbers is Romney's LIE about creating 12 million jobs in his first four years.

This man makes me sick.

This is right!!!!

Unless people do soemthing about his pathological lying, it won't matter that he does lie. Time and time again, he has contradicted himself almost in the same paragraph. He says only what people want to hear not what he believes. If he did, he would be way down in the polls and no money would be flowing into his campaign.

To answer the question......

Who cares?

If I say it, then it must be the law

I think that's how the Repugs think. It's always their way or the highway. I realize that candidates will lie, but not every word that comes out of their mouths. Romney is an embarassment to our political system. I am sure the rest of the world is getting a laugh out of how Romney's lies are left unchallenged. Our main stream press is nothin like it was during the Watergate days. This guy simply cannot be president. He does not have the charisma to handle it. He acts like a robot when he is talking to a crowd. There is something really wrong with him and it's called "not knowing a thing about what he is talking about." He is so out of touch with the reality of everyday people.


This doesn't surprise me. Republicans will do anything to win or cover up their tracks. Cheat and steal, that's their game plan.

I agree

I believe that African Americans held steady as well as women held steady. Probably the only group that changed were "angry" white males. This group loves the bullying seen by Romney in the debate and will lie (cheat) at all costs to win.

Why not.........

Why not let Rmoney just open his mouth? When he does, the lies fall out. I realize that people will believe what is said, but once he begins the lies, all Obama has to do is the infamous Reagan line "There you go again" when responding to Mittens about what he was just saying. Call the liar a liar and let him seethe over it. Rmoney know what he is doing, and will keep doing it because it works. Obama has to pull a "Rick Perry" moment where he gets Rmoney riled up enough to come out of his space into Obama's space like he did during one of the debates. He lost his cool and was a blithering idiot after that.

Not a Game Changer

I agree this was not a game changer. Mittens looked like an aggressive (remember the haircutting when he was in school?). He won't be able to do this next time or the time after that. He used up all of his "zingers" mainly because he's an empty suit. There is no substance to his "policies?" and it showed last night. He went against his own tax plan. He went against his own healthcare plan. Of course, what he said were lies, but people believe what these guys say. They want to, and for some, they need to. Obama needs to come out smoking in the next debate. And, so does Biden.

1st Debate

Many of the people who watched the debate will believe everything the candidates say. None of it may be true, but the people don't know that. Obama was not aggressive enough and, yes I realize it's not in his character, but he needs to come out in Debate #2 as an attack dog, being a fact checker on what happened in Debate #1. Yes, the Mittster lied through his teeth in several statements, but the fact that he (Mittster) was aggressive will change the polls and make this election appear much closer than it should be.

David Gregory

As a male, I agree with you. David Gregory is horrible and was a poor choice for Meet The Press. Luke Russert would be better and he's new at this game. My wife cannot stand David Gregory and I have to agree with both of you.
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