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Hometown: Northern California
Member since: Mon Aug 20, 2012, 01:16 PM
Number of posts: 20,931

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Remember a few weeks ago when RFK Jr.

announced he was running for president? Notice how no one in the news is talking about him since?

That's how they should have treated Trump after the escalator ride. And they still have not learned their lesson.

I just got a Shingles shot a few hours ago. **Update**

We have a small pharmacy nearby, and the guy who does the shots there is fantastic. Once again, I felt absolutely nothing when he gave me the shot.

So far no side-effects. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Update 5/25 1:00 pm: So, 27 hours since the shot and a little bit of soreness at the injection site when I woke up this morning. No swelling or redness and only sore if I touch it now. Pretty much the same for my wife. She has a lot of allergies to all kinds of medications and this is the first vaccine she has not had a negative reaction to.

Obscure stats.

I just love it during a game when the stat guy feeds things to the announcers. Last night the Giants had a rookie at Short Stop named Casey Schmitt. He was playing in his third big league game, filling in for Brandon Crawford who has a mild calf tightness and should return soon.

Well Schmitt has started off with a bang hitting his first home run and totalling eight hits in his first three games. He was four-for-four last night including his first career double and his second home run. That ties a record stat that has been kept since 1901. He is tied with Willie McCovey. Imagine three games into your career and you are in the record books next to Willie Mac.

Hopefully he has a long and great career with the Giants.

This was not a Town Hall meeting.

This was an out-of-control interview with a laugh track.

I didn't watch it, but I've seen enough excerpts.

Is there anyone here

that is tired of hearing about politicians or others "calling for" someone's resignation, laws restricting guns, or this or that. Not that I disagree with them in principle, but it's rather pointless to "call for" something like Clarence Thomas or others to resign when we know it's not going to happen. It just seems to be a way to get their name in the news. That's not what we elect people to do.

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like a lot more thread titles have the word "call for" these days.

I'm not criticizing the people who post such threads, I'm criticizing the people doing the "calling for" when they know damn well it will not happen.

I haven't been posting much in the last few days...

my Grandson and his wife left today on a much needed R&R trip to Hawaii this morning and we are taking care of two of our great grandchildren while they are gone. My wife had a medical appointment with a doctor near them on thursday so our trip began on wednesday. Just a routine appointment and everything is fine.

My Grandson is in the process of putting a cottage on his five acres here and we will be moving here soon to be closer to family. Moving from California wine country to gold country. It's about 150 miles from where we are at now. So here we are with two kids, five and four years old and two cats, who are keeping us pretty busy. Settled in now and I have some time to relax. They put the four dogs in a kennel, because four young pugs would have been too much of a handful, even though they are fun.

We will go home on Monday after dropping the kids at school and day care. Two grandmas will be handling the second and third shifts to finish the week.

So, fun event tonight here.

They are having a fund-raising Bingo at the fair grounds to reaise money for the Sober Graduation party at the local high school. My wife is going with her sister. The really fun part is our granddaughter is the Bingo caller. One of the bars she goes to has a Bingo night every week and she started doing it there a few years ago.

Her day job is being a Cosmetologist but she does this for fun. She has always been quick-witted and very funny and she has morphed the thing into half Bingo caller and half stand-up comedy. She's really good at it and has a bit of a local following. Maybe she's on to something. Never heard of anyone combining Bingo and Comedy.

The way the republicans are behaving legislatively,

I wouldn't be surprised if they started to repeal anti-smoking and drunk driving laws.

The final irony will be

if we turn into a Fascist government, that's who will come for your guns.

Say something nice about a red state.

As a salute to the good democratic people who are trying to do good things in the red states they live in in spite of some very nasty politicians.

I'll start:

In the several times I have visited Texas in recent decades, politics aside, I have found the people there to be very friendly and courteous. Usually greeting strangers with a smile and something nice to say. Honestly, more friendly than my state of California.
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