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Member since: Wed Aug 22, 2012, 08:01 PM
Number of posts: 10,788

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One neat trick...


I am shocked, Well, Not that shocked...


Democracy dies in darkness...


Money is the root of all evil...


Sarah Kendzior...

Trump lies constantly. He commits crimes constantly, and openly. He confesses to the crimes (obstruction) or gets caught lying about the crimes. The same is true of his admin and his accomplices. Nothing happens to most of them because they threaten and bribe.

That's the crisis.

When the Buzzfeed story broke, I didn't feel excited about it, because Trump has not been indicted for his countless other crimes. We do not know the full story of the Buzzfeed report.

We do know he acts with impunity -- impunity that is becoming immunity due to abuse of power.
Those treating a vague denial about one story are missing the big picture, which is that a criminal Russian asset shut down the US government and is consolidating power. That's the crisis.

And it will get worse the more you look for saviors and easy outs. It's a long haul fight.


The Pence's are pro life, NOT pro child...


No, but I know of at least one substance that causes psychotic behaviors...Alcohol


One striking thing about today - Cohen said nothing about Buzzfeed report...


Nastya Rybka also had a secret video tape of Oleg Deripaska's Jan 7, 2017 meeting w/ lobbyist


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